Friday, October 09, 2009

it don't matter if you are black and brown

wearing black and brown together has always been one of my biggest fashion don'ts, right up there with not mixing metals and making sure to avoid the dreaded VPL. however, for about the last 5 years, my personal style mantra has evolved into, "it doesn't have to match, it just has to go". more than following exact rules, dressing should follow your gut; it should involve feeling. in my never-ending fashion magazine/internet perusal, i have noticed there is a way to make a definitive brown black combination work. it can be quite precarious and frankly, the prospect of purposefully not matching can be a daunting task. the effect has to be slightly haphazard, a bit thrown together, but at the same time, the individual pieces needs to look well thought out.

rules(or suggestions)

1. make an outfit equation. avoid 50/50 black and brown proportions. one color needs to be relegated to a secondary position, or an accent color. like a good movie, the supporting players in an outfit can make the most impact.

2. the shades of brown do not have to match exactly. varied tones add interest.

3. go with your gut.

4. have confidence in your wearing of black and brown.

5. if it makes you super nervous to wear black and brown together, ease into it. start small with a belt or leather bracelet. and if you worry about matching belts and shoes and purses, make it easy on yourself by choosing those accessories in completely different colors. like red or eggplant.

my theory explained on a two-year old:

tan/brown multi leopard print cardigan, green hooded front-pocket dress, black leggings, brown boots. (80% of this outfit is from target.)
ps-i also have started mixing gold and silver. when else will i ever wear my hard-earned young women's medallion if i am afraid of clashing with my wedding rings?


Emily C said...

scarlett is a doll. love that outfit.

Nicole said...

So funny! I was totally thinking of this today as I was shopping with my mom! I bought one of those thick brown belts and was going to wear it over one of those cardigans that are longer in the front...and it's black! GASP!!!

Livin' Single said...

you and your daughter are so beautiful. i love when you write fashion--you're so smart.

Becca said...

I was just debating today about wearing a brown belt around a black turtleneck sweater. I thought it looked good, but I chickened out. Next time maybe I'll give it a go, and then if I see you at Church, I can impress you (or not).

Merilee said...

Um, I got some hiking sandals that are half brown and half black.

That was the day I tossed the no black/brown together rule out the window.