Sunday, January 22, 2012

tact and filters and gray and arc training

GRAY! i love you so and i always will.
cardigan- old navy
tank- thrifted
skirt- thrifted
shoes- target

while i normally just say whatever comes out of my mouth and hope people aren't offended, i've come to realize that's probably not the best course of action. having a filter on my mouth might be a good thing. today someone expressed distaste to me about one of my opinions and i thought, "wow, that was rude!" and then i thought, "i do that all the time. I'M RUDE!(but usually right. hahahahaha!)". so, i shall do better. i will try to only say rude things in my head. or on this blog. and i will try and use some tact when my opinion is required. 

the point of concern was on my color choice for my new baby room. 
my baby room inspiration:
i love this. i love that you could take out the crib and the toys and it would look great with a couch or a table.  but apparently not everyone thinks gray is an appropriate baby room color. but i do. so there.

completely unrelated thought:
i've had to give up running in recent weeks. my pelvis and pregnancy just aren't friends right now. it's been like losing a trusted friend whom i love and loathe at the same time. unfortunately, my back pain has just been too much for me. sometimes i can run around fine and then other times i lose my legs from underneath me and i end up on the floor. i've had to resort to new measures. thus far i tolerate the arc trainer. it's almost like running but with almost no impact. and i can work up a better sweat than on an elliptical. 

my glutes currently look exactly like this. exactly like this.

and perhaps if i spend enough time at it i can enter an arc trainer marathon. sort of like a treadmill marathon, but less hard but probably equally boring.

tosh.0 hermosa beach treadmill marathon


MerciBlahBlah said...

A few thoughts: a) screw whoever told you that gray isn't appropriate for a baby's room. it's gorgeous, it's classic, and most importantly, it's in YOUR house. I am of the "I can't stand kids' rooms that look like kids' rooms" ilk, however, so I may not be the most unbiased person to comment here. And secondly, you are adorable. The end.

Happy Monday!

Lili said...

Oh please don't stop being "rude" on the blog! It's (f*cking) hilarious, I love it!
In non-rude news, you look very chic today :-)

caramelchica said...

I love gray! You're right!!
I've practiced thinking people are stupid/wrong quietly in my head long enough that no one would ever dare say I'm rude ;) It can be done :D
I haven't followed your blog forever so I'm not sure if you've tried this, but I was able to keep running by combining a support belt with wearing a high waist spanx (the target version, not actually for pregnant women). You might like the support as you grow even for the arc trainer.

Jenny said...

I love gray and see no reason why it shouldn't be in a baby's room...I'm pretty sure the little one won't care and you are the one who is looking at it all the time. If the gray on the wall is making you happy, your baby will feel that, which is what really matters!

Modern Modest Beauty

Lori said...

I think the grey looks nice. Calm and soothing. You look awesome. I can't believe you are over half way there. I was HUGE by that time. People always thought I was having twins :(

amy said...

gray is totally my go-to choice in clothing...and also, i just painted my boys' room gray and it is absolutely positively most definitely my favorite paint color ever. your baby's gonna rock it :)

Jess said...


K said...

HAHAHA!!! I love this blog!! YOu are hilarious!!! I vote lets make our own arc trainer marathon. By the way, i have never seen those in Europe? they look like intense! but i love the tv, makes it almost fun!! at least on the elliptical.

And by the way, mouth filters suck, so keep urs of!! :)

love K

Emily Curfew said...

i saved that same nursery picture forever ago, it is one of my faves!!! and i'll admit i'm jealous that you are so cute and stylish while pregnant.

DawnieP said...

Grey is fabulous and I think the room looks amazing! Stuff whoever told you it wouldn't look good!


Brittney said...

MY baby's room is grey! plus, i loved that photo when i saw it on LGN, and i love it now.
on an unrelated note: you should just move close to me so you can see it (the nursery) and we could talk nursery decor talk (for about 3 minutes, then move on to more interesting things. like brownies.). plus we'd be neighbs.
(that little fact isn't sweetening the deal of a cross-country move to UT, is it...)
wow. creepy long-winded comment. sorry.