Saturday, January 21, 2012

the most important thing i wore today

the most important thing that i wore today was my "i voted" sticker i got after i voted in the south carolina presidential primary. it's a great feeling to exercise my right, my privilege, and my duty. 

 this week i actually broke down and bought a couple of things to stretch(literally) my wardrobe for the next 15 weeks. i know, that's all! we're getting close! and we still don't have a name, but we do have a paint color for baby X's room.

 t-shirt- from target. i like the weight and length of this shirt. it was $10 and i bought a size small. the only drawback i have that i feel the v neck stretches out by then end of the day. i'm not a big fan of layering t-shirts so i just added a scarf to keep everything important under wraps.

jeans- old navy maternity smooth-panel skinny jeans. i can't believe this, but i love these jeans. they are not mom jeans. the panel feels like swimsuit material and therefore doesn't cut into my gut and create an unflattering seam . bonus- i look like a regular person from behind. the pockets sit on my fanny instead of 5 inches above or below their rightful place, like i'm the one wearing a diaper. these jeans recognize that i'm not just a mom, i'm a woman. 

purse- timi and leslie diaper bag. thomas gave me this for christmas and it's a dream. it doesn't even look like a diaper bag. i am already carrying it and my baby is still on the inside of my body. no disney characters or silly gewgaws for me thank you very much. 


lrbodine said...

I thought I left a comment so sorry if this is done twice!

First - you don't look 25 weeks pregnant. I'm slightly jealous!

Second - I just added those jeans to my online shopping bag. Have you tried the Ultimate Panel on GAP jeans? So comfy and look cute on!

Jenna said...

The diaper bag is so cute that it almost makes me want to have another baby. :) But probably not.

modernmom said...

You look SO great! I love it all.

Carie said...

Those are some seriously great jeans.

You look awesome, by the way. And way to vote.