Tuesday, January 03, 2012

bellbottom girls, you make the rockin' world go round

i don't have as many resolutions this year. i feel like i'm just keeping my head above water lately. so improving myself is going to the wayside a little bit. i'll try to improve in a few ways, but with a new baby on the way, 2012 may be the year of just getting by.

1. no junk january. my favorite resolution every year. after the sugar deluge of the holidays, it's always nice to detox for a month. this chik-fil-a cookies n' cream shake was my final indulgence. plus, baby X isn't too keen   on too many junk food items, much to my dismay.  
2. be nice. i know i can do it. it will take work and effort. i have a very limited natural ability to be nice so i definitely need to learn to develop this skill over the next 12 months. 

3. run a half-marathon in october. i think about this one all the time. i can't wait for my hips to be my own again and to get back into training. 

4. vacuum my stairs more often. not just when people are coming over. stairs are a workout in themselves and i have two different staircases to manage. 

5. create follow a budget as if my life depends on it. for everything. especially menu planning. 

6. find a real lip color. chapstick is not a color.

cropped sweater- thrifted by my darling deb
blouse- michael kors
belt- fossil
jeans- old navy
shoes- steve madden

*pregnancy fashion tip- these jeans are not maternity jeans. i bought these high-waisted flares for $9 a couple of months ago. they are a size too big from my normal pre-pregnancy size, but they are perfect for months 4 and 5 of pregnancy when maternity pants my still not fit properly. i wear these pants all the time. i wish i had bought another pair. 


lrbodine said...

Great goals - I can't wait to run again after this pregnancy!

Please tell me why you don't look 22-23 weeks pregnant and I look like I'm at least 30 weeks pregnant already?!

Serene said...

I LOVE bell bottoms and you look great in them! I don't remember looking that good in my fourth and fifth month!!! Hugs! ~Serene

modernmom said...

That sweater looks great on you! Just as I had pictured. And I love the whole outfit combo. I have SO kicked myself for finding a great product and not getting more of it... I feel your pain.

Pure Style Fashion said...

Love the pants!


Emma (Glitter and Gold) said...

you are too freaking cute! I just found your blog and I love it! Would love if you popped over to mine for a visit! If you like maybe you can follow

Kaitlyn said...

hippy chic? love this outfit! i also need to start wearing lipstick more. i am a woman now and i still wear chapstick more than anything.