Wednesday, February 01, 2012

mothers and daughters

since i am the mother of one girl and i'm about to have another, the topic of raising a daughter has been on my mind a lot lately. being a mother of a son has made me want to be a better person, being a mother of a daughter has made me want to be a better woman. if i were to compile a list of things i wanted to cover in raising a girl, near the top would be proper skin care and not picking at your face(this one took me a LONG time to master) and choosing your friends wisely. i've been blessed with some really incredible friends and then i've encountered my share of duds. scarlett is only 4 1/2 and we've already seen both sides of this equation with her little friends. i think the hardest thing is trying to explain to her why someone would be mean to her. unfortunately, not all people outgrow this and you have to encounter it for the rest of your life. in my own life i've developed the philosophy of:
you don't have to be everyone's friend, you just have to be polite
it's better to be alone than to deal with people who don't truly care for you.
what do you think is some of the most important advice you could give to your son or daughter? or what's the best advice your parent gave you?
learn to budget? study hard? shop with a grocery list? forgive? eat healthy and exercise? pray? definitely pray. 

you know what is really fun? watching scarlett put together her own outfits. she definitely has her faves and is not opposed to some unexpected layers and bright color combinations. and surprising poses!

you can see her fairy wings that she wore to church last week that were surprisingly not a distraction. at all. miracle of miracles. 
and i think my proportions on this outfit were off. but, i was super comfortable for church and that's nice. whatev. 26 weeks.
skirt- gap
sweater- tjmaxx
shoes- target

skirt- gapkids


Emily Curfew said...

your little scarlett is too cute for words, you can see her little firecracker personality in the photos you post. :-)

HJolley said...

I want to instill in all of my kids the confidence to be themselves and like it. I struggled all too much with that in high school and still do. I admire those girls (and guys) who have the confidence in themselves to try something new, apply for a hard job/program, play a sport when they are not athletically inclined, etc. I am barely scratching the surface on these things, and I hope to get my kids started on it sooner.

Great post. You are very pretty! Scarlett is SO cute. Oh man! You have great kids!

Chiara said...

The last pic is very cute... Kiss from italy

K said...

This is a great post!! i am sure it must be so hard to raise an other person, i mean holly, thats a lot of pressure!! but as long as they are both (soon three) loved you have comed a long way right? :) i love your take on friendship too.! whats the point of haning out with "friends" if they are not really nice to you?
by the way, your girl is a sweet heart! :)

love K

Piaa. said...

hey. I am frm Germany and oh my god I'm so fascinated by you. you're a mother, daughter and pregnant with a second child, but you look so beautiful. I think you're really a very strong woman. very dear greetings.

PS: I hope you could understand my English.

Brandi said...

oh goodness....what a gorgeous mom!

Brittney said...

first off: congrats! i'm having a girl as well. in april.
secondly: i want my kids to like themselves and be comfortable in their own skin. especially my daughters. and, on a purely selfish note, i want them to be good babysitters. of their siblings. so the husb and i can travel the world at will. (that's not bad, is it? it is? dah well.)
you're beautiful, my e-friend!

Lori said...

I wrote such a long comment and then my phone ate it Grrrr!!!