Sunday, February 12, 2012

i'm every woman

i've been pretty torn up about whitney houston. i haven't been crying like one of those weirdos who thinks that they really "know" a famous person and i won't be buying a commemorative t-shirt(you know they will be at wal*mart in just a few short weeks. i love capitalism.) but i was really really sad when i heard the tragic news last night. whitney was the best and i really wanted to see her overcome her personal struggles. her version of "do you hear what i hear" is the only version of that song i will tolerate. this morning while i was getting ready for the day i was singing all my favorite whitney tunes at the op of my lungs(everyone loved it! my talent has always been appreciated.) and i mentally cataloged(i googled that spelling, thank you very much) my personal whitney memories. 
1. dancing in my neighbor's garage to "i wanna dance with somebody" whilst wearing acid washed shorts and an artfully paint splattered t-shirt.
2. attending and performing in a piano recital in 1987 where there were no fewer than 4 simplified piano arrangements of "the greatest love of all". my mother made me stick to the classics. so boring.
3. having a crush on the guy with the locker above mine and thinking that "i want to run to you" would definitely be our song. if i could simply open my mouth and talk to him.
4. being SO JEALOUS that, andrea young, got the bodyguard soundtrack from her very serious 8th grade boyfriend, nick wallar, on valentine's day, 1993. that was true love.
5. listening to whitney houston- the greatest hits nearly non-stop during the summer of 2000. when i wasn't listening to that i was watching "she's all that" with my cousin jen. all we had was a VCR that summer, no cable or local programming. a VCR is an ancient recording device that used to play video cassettes. video cassettes are what the Bible was originally written on.  
6. about a month ago i was running errands all my by lonesome and "i will always love you" came on and i was singing like i was on stage and kevin costner was my thinning-haired, mouth-breathing boyfriend/bodyguard. i was so into it that by time i arrived at my destination, i had tears running down my face. in my defense i am pregnant and my kid's simply don't appreciate the volume of my vocalizations. 

it is a sad day when you are old enough that multiple of your childhood idols have passed on. michael jackson. whitney houston. corey haim. alf. who's next?

i love this picture. too bad it's blurry. like a cackling witch. or as my dear mother would say, "you laugh like a hardended woman."

the end.


Carie said...

Gorgeous belly my dear. And super cute kids.

modernmom said...

Where did you get that dress. And the hardwood floors? Both are fabulous. (And you. You are fabulous. :)

Jess said...

Alf. LOL!!!

Jess said...

Just listened to her rendition of the national anthem. Amazing. What a waste. So sad.

Lili said...

I love your "witch" picture! :-D It is really sad about Whitney. I have had "I Want to Run to You" in my head all the time the last days over. Her death did not "top" this one weekend though, where both my boyband crush and the voice of my favorite kid's cassette series both died (I guess that's what God gave Moses the Ten Commandments on ^^). Both in their thirties, in one weekend O_O That's when I felt old.

Anonymous said...

Yup. There is no telling what will happen next. The circle of life has a very interesting way of forming itself.

MerciBlahBlah said...

"You laugh like a hardened woman" is officially the best thing I've read all day. Word to ya motha.

And Whitney. Poor Whitney. I loved her when her first album hit - yup, I said ALBUM. I owned it, loved it, played it out. About the time The Bodyguard came out, I was over her though. Never saw the movie and loathe that song with the firey passion of 10,000 burning suns. This could, however, be because my neighbor's horrible granddaughter used to come home from her late night shift at Taco Bell every night at midnight and play The Bodyguard soundtrack at full blast, thus ensuring that I would be awake every frigging night listening to that caterwauling when I had to get up for work at 6 a.m. I'm not bitter.


Julie said...

I was going to say "Alf. LOL", but I see someone else has already taken that comment.

Jenna said...

I've been singing "I Will Always Love You" (only in my mind one million times - you're safe!) since I heard about Whitney's death. Very sad.

While reading, I was trying to decide the difference between a hard-end-ed woman and a hardened woman.

Kaitlyn said...

aw, look at your belly! very cute. and i loved whitney, she had such an amazing voice. i wish she could have overcome her problems, too. btw, alf died?! i really didn't know this.

Anonymous said...

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