Tuesday, April 10, 2007

heidiluxe's hot list

i am dreading carrying another diaper bag around for the next year. i was only too happy when i finally shed reagan's bag. however, this bag has a lot more hot mama potential. washable cotton exterior and roomy, flexible interior. large dimensions, but not too large: 13x19 inches. the only drawback is that darned beaded handle. that will feel great, digging into my shoulder while i lug around a baby carrier and 2 year-old. i wonder if i could thread a more comfortable strap through it?

i am all about flip flops, but i have been keeping my eyes open for a pair that is a little more sleek. plus, those dirty foot stains that get on regular plastic flip flops are so yucky. and unavoidable it seems. hurray for black soles!
(plus, the old woman in me wants to kick other adult women that wear cheap-o old navy style flip flops to church.)

this breadbasket keeps its contents warm up to 350 degrees! and it is lime green!

love this flatware.

i just LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair color. being that victoria beckham is a true brunette, i don't think these shades of blonde are too far fetched for her. now if only i can get into contact with her style team and get myself signed up for a beauty session.

saw this maternity dress on another blog. the dress is HOT and the mom looked fresh and fantastic! and lime green! (though, i wish they sold that chick's knockers with the dress. WOWEE!

am i truly old when i start craving things like a dustbuster? this one is compact enough to fit in my church bag. perfect for after sacrament pew clean-up.


Sarah Beck said...

We got a dustbuster with our credit card points. It was the best free investment we've ever made. It cleans up a mess anytime anywhere. Whoever invented that thing must of been a mom.

ventingzebra said...

I love all that stuff. You certainly have an eye for fashion. Cute cute cute diaper bag. I myself was craving a polkadot dress for the summer and found an $11 one at Ross. I just wish it was another color. That lime green and white one is awesome. Mine is black with red polkadots.

Jessica said...

nice list. wait a second -- are these hints for someone's upcoming birthday... ? now thomas will know EXACTLY what to get you. hahaha.

katherine said...

I wish I had known you better in high school. I never knew you were such a fashionista! I seriously needed some tips back then, now too for that matter (anyone who owns a Blue Springs South 1995-96 year book has the proof it was BAD!) Plus if that dustbuster really does fit into a purse, I'd definitely be using it on Sundays!

Paula said...


I too am looking for a cute diaper bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag. I have been checking out oversized purses and such but haven't found anything quite yet. I loved the dress as well and funny you should mention the dustbuster. I told Natalie just last week she should get one since Everett is always making a mess on the floor in the kitchen. I might invest in one since I love to vacuum. Hey, just wondering did you know a girl your stake but the name of Julie Clayton (she may be a few years younger than you though)? She was the mission president's daughter...long story of why I am asking. Just wondering though.

Paula said...

your stake back in Blue Springs, MO...sorry I didn't make that clear.

Caroline said...

I just have to say "I love you!" You are so entertaining! I have that very dustbuster and it is great!

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

So the diaper bag - lucky for me Rob's cousin makes super cute ones that look like just large purses (I'm always getting compliments) but I'm still getting used to how huge they are!

Oh and that maternity dress - my friend just bought that for his wife. So cute! Why do I think maternity clothes are cute now that I don't have to wear them?