Monday, April 23, 2007

dunder mufflins

awhile back i posted that i was going to create a dessert called the dunder mufflin. the result was delicious and wonderful in everyway.
items needed:
one package of you favorite brownie mix
all the ingredients for your favorite chocolate chip cookie mix OR one tube of ready to bake cookie dough.

stir up brownies as directed and spoon into muffin lined muffin tin. bake until nearly all baked through. then spoon chocolate chip cookie dough on top of brownie muffins and continue to bake until cookie is ready. cool on wire rack.
ENJOY your double decker dunder mufflin.
*note the inspiration behind this recipe is an episode from season 2. i think it is the one where they are having the halloween party and angela is upset at pam for bringing brownies when angela brought cookies. angela said that you couldn't have two items like that together. i guess this recipe proves them wrong.
these pictures are of reagan after he wandered into the kitchen the next morning and spied the dunder mufflins on the counter. i was eating my breakfast and i noticed how eerily quiet it had become. note to new mothers-quiet does not mean they are just playing nicely. it means they are doing something they know they shouldn't and they are hiding from you. reagan was leaning against the fridge eating his dunder mufflin for an after breakfast snack. it amazes me how tall reagan is. the mufflins where nowhere near the edge of the counter.


Caroline said...

Okay-that looks SO SO good! Brownies and chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! wow-to have them together -what a sin!

Sarah Beck said...

as rachael ray would say--Yummo. Those look fantastic. What does Angela know anyways