Wednesday, April 04, 2007

everyone here is extremely gruntled.

more than just gruntled. ecstatic. new episode thursday night. if you are dead to the world and completely unaware of what is going on with this, the best show currently in production, check out my SIL's blog, this will get you up to speed. the newest episode is entitled the negotiation and is a scheduled to be aired from 7:00pm until a whopping 7:44pm!
here is my quandry, while i do love the jim/pam drama, i like the fact that jim has a fun relationship with karen. bytheway, karen(rashida jones) is the daughter of quincy jones. no kidding. jim just needs remake his bed and then sleep in it! i think pam should date toby. that would be a fun stir to the pot! and i can't wait for andy to come back from anger management. love that andy!
in honor of this festive occasion, i am creating a special dessert which i have called "dunder mufflins". they will be a brownie-cookie-frosting concoction in a muffin liner. i will post pics soon.
also, after the show, stick around for 30 rock. love it. hilarious. completely my sense of humor. rural juror anyone?


Paula said...

I can't wait for tonight!!! Very cute on the dessert. I am in SLC right now and we are going to TIVO it so I can make sure I don't miss it.

Sarah Beck said...

I agree, I think Pam and Toby should date. Toby's been making some moves, but Pam is totally oblivious to them. I'm glad that Pam/Roy are over. Nobody wants to date someone who keeps getting back with their ex.

Sarah Beck said...

I'm with Jim, I think I have agoraphobia sometimes. It always happens when my kids start throwing a tantrum somewhere and everyone is watching me.

Rachel said...

Can you believe that I missed this episode? I turned on the tv at 7:45 and it wasn't on so I figured I was safe. If only I had checked your blog earlier. I will have to but it on itunes I guess.