Sunday, January 02, 2011

off with a thump

hurray for this year's resolutions!

1. morning scripture reading with my husband. 10 minutes together over breakfast has been great the last month or so and it's one thing that i am most looking foward to in 2011. 
2. no junk month. my favorite tradition for a few years now. a nice junk food detox.
3. jillian michael's 30 day shred. for at least 20 days. whenever i'm not running and sometimes when i am. it's only 20 minutes a day.
4. get a desk and create a home office space for me. the house is my office and if i'm going to optimize my time i need my own workspace that i can leave untouched for days at a time and be able to come back to my projects and be able to pick up where i left off.
5. geneaology. at least 1 name to the temple this year.(so lofty).
6. watch more mystery science theater 3000. this is my other favorite resolution. so glad for netflix. my life is funnier as a result.
7. not yell at perfect strangers so easily. demand patience and poise from myself. i'm an adult dang it!

and my mottoes for the year:
oh be wise! what can i say more? jacob 6:12 in the Book of Mormon (i need more practice being contemplative and rational)
make is simple. make it lovely! (this was our theme of a relief society conference last year and it's message really stuck with me. lovely and simple are not mutually exclusive. i think it fits nicely with being wise too.)

and i really wanted my first recorded outfit of the year to be a knockout. it was more of a doozy. i changed a bajillion times this morning. i was thinking cold and it was 63 today. so my internal fashion psyche was way off. this year i am off with a thump.

white blouse- express
puffed sleeved sweater- gap
skirt- found it in my closet
tights- target
shoes- jessica simpson

my last resolution is to get better at posing. the more i try, the lamer is look.

AND, a new post is up on the yellow rose! chchch check it out!


Lori said...

Great resolutions. I really like the motto of make it simple, make it lovely. I may adopt that as my motto of the year as well.

Kaitlyn said...

i bought jillian's michaels the shred.. about 2 months ago.. and i still haven't opened it! haha.. so, i guess that should be part of my resolutions, too!

btw, i think u look very classy in that outfit. love the pop of color! it was unseasonably warm here for new year's too! makes getting dressed confusing since you're used to the cold.

Jacinta said...

Happy New Year!
I absolutely LOVE the red tights with the white and red. Very classy.
And yeah, I think I will hem the skirt to knee length as that is what I prefer to. thanks for your comment. :)
xo MODELmumma

LeRae said...

Great new year resolutions! you look lovely as usual! love your red tights...

LittleSarahD said...

Heidi, I knew I hadn't crept you in awhile but I was surprised to see I was behind by FIVE entries. My most important 2011 resolution = "Keep my negative thoughts to myself." Come to find out, it's my sister Bayleigh's resolution too!

P.S. LOVEEEEEE this outfit. I never know what to do with my colored tights.

The Suburb Experiment said...

I like the pop of color the red tights provide. And I'm terrible at posing. Which is why there's only one picture per outfit on my blog. Hehe.

Emily Curfew said...

great article on veils at yellow rose.

i like your NY resolutions. i too have geneology on my list.

Molly said...

Loving your red tights and that killer pose in the last picture! How could you possibly improve on that?!?!?!?
You look fab.

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

BBM said...

look at you workin those red tights! LOVE. IT. ;-)

LyddieGal said...

Good luck with all your resolutions, hope 2011 is a great year!

Loving your red tights, they are adorable!

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