Friday, January 28, 2011

shooting from the hip

today was a day of unintentional ridiculous faces. it's a gift. i know, very blessed am i.  
(the mary shaffer facebook picture. but a million times less endearing and a million times more skeezy.)

(the "i'm not signing up for america's next top model anytime soon" look)

(the "my hair is too durn heavy today" look)
cardigan- old navy
georgia bulldog t shirt- wal*mart
plaid button-up- jcpenney
wide leg pants- macys
flats- byu bookstore

and since i am keeping it real, i changed before we went bike riding at our chapel today. i just couldn't see myself chasing the kids and pretending to be zurg in that other outfit.
scarf- target
sweatshirt- hell threw it up(it's old and gross)
t shirt- target
jeans- gap forever skinny
floral flats- target

more keeping it real:
1. i don't like talking animals on commercials. i do enjoy talking inanimate object commercials. i especially like the swiffer-baby-come-back commercials.
2. why do they make measuring spoons that have the numbers printed on the plastic? that only lasts about 2 washing before every spoon reads gibberish. same with the cups.
3. i appreciate comments, but i don't like blog pimping comments. i got one on my family blog a few weeks ago that said, "come follow while i do a 30 for 30 outfit challenge." (it wasn't kendi, but a less creative copycat.) that was the whole comment. i think comments without anything constructive to say about your blog should be considered spam.  
4. my daughter snores like darth vader. with emphysema.
5. i really want the jessica simpson dany shoe in the cracked metallic. i can't think of anything more fantastical and less practical.


Keely said...

I love the mix of plaid and animal and the added vintage looking tee. It's just adorable. And you make me want to grow out my hair...I just don't have the patience. And my hair would never look like yours anyway, it's way too straight.

Anonymous said...

Funny faces are so cute, plus your hair looks awesome, love the waves and lenght! ... Your "real" things are even funnier than your faces, I used to have a "hard breather" teacher, we used to call her Darth Vader! lol, have a great weekend dear! xx

sisters4saymoreismore said...

can i get an AMEN on those Jessica Simpson beauties! i am partial to the grey snakeskin.... that girl can do a shoe! i love how you bike ride in floral flats! now i know i am not the only one! i went to girls camp as a leader and wore gold JS ballet flats... yum... {even though they are flats} i couldn't bring my self to wear grubby sneakers... i am so vain about my shoes!


MerciBlahBlah said...

WOMAN - get thee hence to, because those babies are $48 right now. I maaaay have ordered the black ones last week to go along with the cognac ones I already have, because I, like you, find them COMPLETELY practical.


Brittney said...

darth vadar with emphysema? wow. and i do mean WOW. that's something. you're rocking both these outfits, heidi! but i think thoe clincher for me is your scarf in the second one--lookes super chic, a perfect touch. annnnnd on the shoes? HELLO. they're totally practical. i mean, they'd protect the bottoms of your feet while making the rest of you look glam, right? bingo. buy 'em.
AND and, if this comment isn't long enough (at least it's not one of your spam "follow me" nonsenses, right? seriously annoying), i wanted to inform you that i nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award (i accidentally typed "blooger." hmm. possibilities... but that's for another day...) today. come on by and bask in your glory.
p.s. holy long comment, batman. is this some sort of record? yikes.

DMC Studios said...

i feel honored.

i love seeing my name in print.

vain, i know.

Kaitlyn said...

love both the outfits! first is my fave, though :) and i like the 'keeping it real' segment.. helps me get to know you better! i actually love talking animal commercials. my favorite is the singing puppy one about heartworm meds or something, haha

Ashley said...

I'm a fan of the stainless steel measuring cups and spoons myself. The numbering is etched into them.