Sunday, January 16, 2011

bridesmaid's dress revisited.

(paula, that title is for you. since i know you are probably my only friend who has read brideshead revisited. and i'm pretty sure you dislike it. thoroughly.)

i'm introducing a new segment called uncomfortable words. my dear natalie sent me the dictionary of uncomfortable words and i can't help but share a few choice entries with you from time to time:
wang- noun: sounds unpleasant without its friend Chung.

today i wore the dress i wore for my sister's wedding. i love a long dress. it goes right along with my all black gothic tendencies. the dress definitely lends to a more formal feel so i tried give it a more casual, but still dressy enough for church kind of vibe.
dress- shabby apple cleopatra
sweater- my fave cardigan of all time amen, gift from my mom
belt- fossil
boots- gianni bini

and an artsy/action shot. i  call it "slipping in the snow trying to avoid dog poop":

and a bonus outfit, my saturday-mom-about-town uniform:
faux leather jacket: kohl's
chambray button-up: thrifted
skinny cargo pants- target
flats- maxxstudio via tj maxx


The Elegant Bohemian said...

Too cute! Ya gotta love a long black great when you can rewear a bridesmaid dress. They don't exactly have a reputation for being highly wearable! LOL ~Serene

Brittney said...

the artsy shot = two very enthusiastic thumbs up. i hope you succeeded.
and i think you very successfully casualized the bridesmaid dress quite perfectly for church. you look fab.

Lisa (aka sweetie) said...

I am loving the maxi dress in the snow. you look cute..nice to see another fashion mommy about.

XO Lisa

p.s. I am gonna follow u..

Tessa said...

woah! Hot mama comin' through. Work it girl. You look FABULOUS in both of these oufits!


kristine said...

Love how you styled that long dress! Very classy!

Kristine. Or Polly.

Paula said...

Oh WOW! I got a shout out on Heidiluxe. That made my day! Seriously. You are correct my friend in saying I did not care for Brideshead Revisited. I have a low tolerance for books that have the main male character enthralled by a crazy, heartless woman. Great Expectations, The Great Gatsby,and tons others like it just aren't enjoyable books in my opinion.

Kiki said...

The dress...GAH I love it! I'm so jealous! I wish I were taller so I could actually pull those off. It looks so great on you! :)