Wednesday, January 05, 2011

laid back

once when i was about 11, i received a gigantic bottle of exclamation perfume as a gift. i loved it so much that i NEVER used it. like once on a holiday i allowed myself a spritz. sometimes if i was good i would take the cap off and sniff it.
for christmas, my wonderful cousin marcee sent me an awesome bag. and by awesome, i mean amazing. i LOVE it and i am actually going to use it. because i CAN! it's not one of those bags that only looks pretty and i have to wrap it in tissue paper everytime i get home from an outing. it's gorgeous and functional. a busy person's dream. it wipes down after a kid loses his/or her lunch on it. it's got a removable pouch so that i can easily transfer my "must-haves" to a smaller evening purse, in case i ever do go anywhere again without my children(not likely). my big honkin' laptop slips right in and there is still plenty of room for other incidentals, like baby wipes, granola bars, a water bottle, and compartments for 16 majillion pens, 3 billions lip glosses(that all serve a specific purpose), and my "special" friends. plus a really cool linky-thing that my keys attach to so that i don't have dig around for 23 minutes looking for them while i am standing outside my car and the kids are galloping around a busy parking lot, tempting fate. in short, i love it. and it looks NOTHING like a diaper bag. because it's not. that's probably my favorite part.
button up- tj maxx
librarian sweater vest- ? magically appeared
skinny cargo pants- target
amazing bag- gigi hill bags 

i was pretty excited about it.

ta da! i am sure that my neighbors think i am absolutely crazy.


Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

Cute bag! and I really like the outfit

sisters4saymoreismore said...

ooo! it so pretty! i love a great bag... i just fill them up with random crap and move on to the next one though, and then i have to clean out 7 or 8 bags at a time... gross. right now i am using a tiny clutch that really is just able to fit my wallet comfortably... except i managed to squeeze in 3 tubes of lipstick and a gloss. i was at target and i dropped it and change flew everywhere and my cards etc. but it was the LIPSTICK that i scrambled for... i can replace my credit cards but MAC "cut a caper" lipstick was limited addition!


lrbodine said...

Coveting that bag!

Lori said...

I love things that can function like a diaper bag, but look nothing like them. What a great gift.
BTW, i forgot all about Exclamation! perfume. I so had a bottle.

Kaitlyn said...

love that button up and the tote! it is so hard to find a decent looking tote, especially when you are from a smaller city. my mom wants a tote for her birthday (tomorrow) and i unfortunately waited until yesterday to start shopping. needless to say, i had a rough time finding a good tote for her.