Tuesday, January 11, 2011

spies like me

i haven't gotten dressed for 2 days because of the snowstorm that blanketed the southeast. perhaps you are experiencing it too?  but, on saturday i did run a half-marathon that was quite successful, in part to my new SPIbelt. after an incident last year where i was running and passed out on the side of the road, i never go anywhere without my phone. and running long distances with a phone in my hand is really annoying. so, i busted out the christmas cash and i bought a SPIbelt to facilitate my running experience. it was awesome, i completely forgot i was wearing it. i was concerned about it bouncing around, but it was perf. (i know i look utterly dorky wearing it so high on my waist, but that is where it was most comfortable on me.)
i also like to dress in all black when i have a big race, a little bit stealthy and a lot bit angelina jolie. (without the united nations family entourage. i'm still working on that.) i really like my running clothes and i think i have found the perfect cold weather combination for me.

running shirt- nike dri-fit
running tank- target
running skirt- target
running tights- reebok at dick's sporting goods
running socks- thorlo
sneaks- asics(christmas gift from my dear husband)
SPIbelt- dick's sporting goods

ps- a really great thifting tip: i like to wear my running tights when i go thrift store shopping. it makes it really easy to try on clothes in the middle of the aisle in case there isn't a dressing room. or if there IS a dressing room and you want to try on an especially stinky but incredibly fabulous thrift store item, you don't have to have that turnip casserole smelling item actually touching your skin.


modernmom said...

We are twin souls. Not that I am stalking you or anything. (I love that color on your kitchen walls.) But I am a running nut, too, and I have been trying to blog more about thrifting. I have a lot of people ask me how I can find so much great stuff (they are just jealous.) And one of my tips on try-ons is the running tights or leggings...
Can we still be friends? I promise not to follow you around the library.

Brittney said...

sooo...how'd the half go? i have one coming up next weekend. should be great!
also, when i read your title, all i could think of was that part in spies like us where they're all, "doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor" and on and on. oh man. so funny. gets me every time.

Carie said...

You ready for just how clever I am:

1. I had no idea what a SPIbelt was.

2. I thought (until I clicked on the pic for a closeup) that the SPIbelt was the white part of your outfit. Alas, on a closer inspection, I realized the white was a shirt under your black, not the belt itself.

3. I was thinking how comfortable could it be to run with a huge corset? Can't they make the SPIbelts a little more streamline?

Me = super genius.

I want to hear more about your race, you amaze me.

HJolley said...

I think we have the same running shoes!

Paula said...

Thank you for posting your running gear. I need to invest in some dri-fit stuff and was wondering where you got your stuff. I ran 9 miles outside this past Saturday in layers of cotton and became so cold. So how did your half go?

Lori said...

Congrats on your race. I did my first half-marathon in October, then I got incredibly sick for 5 weeks after. I was just thinking that It's time to lace up the running shoes again. If only it would stop raining.