Sunday, January 23, 2011

reunited and it feels so good

1. taking pictures on the front porch:

2. scarlett tries to come out. i notice that her way too small pants are still at half-mast and there is a big hole, front and center.

3. happy accidents=happy sabbath
i found this skirt at goodwill and i jumped for joy! i owned this same skirt from the limited in pink whilst in college. it was during my nauseating all-pink-all-the-time phase. which is precisely why i rarely wear pink now. the skirt was also roommate favorite. when legally blonde came out, a bunch of my friends got together and dressed in head to toe pink to go see it. and then we ate at burger king. i'm not sure whose idea burger king was. seems a little anti-climactic. i finally got rid of the skirt a couple of years ago due to excessive wear. reunited at last! and it feels so good. i wore a pink brooch today in homage of the original pink skirt.

sweater- target
skirt- thrifted
shoes- jessica simpson
tightest gray tights ever- wal*mart


Kaitlyn said...

i really like the sweater! and those shoes are awesome :)

Jessica said...

HEIDI!!!!!! how could you not post a legally blonde picture along with this post?????? that was possibly one of my most favorite college memories. along with hot dogging the south carolina boys' lawn and our fast and furious week when natalie was out of town and we had use of her car. hahahahaha. i'm waxing nostalgic now.

don't you LOVE a good Goodwill find? i was there yesterday and i scored a teal velvet blazer, an olive green elbow length cardigan (from ann taylor, nonetheless), and a pink gloria vanderbilt button down oxford shirt all for 10 bucks. score. (pink is still one of my favorite colors fyi.)

Michelle said...

oh my gosh i totally agree! i love the idea of it but hate the restrictions!

Brittney said...

i now have that song re-running through my head. for about an hour now. i'm not sure it feels so good anymore... :) i luh-luh-LOVE this skirt. and the story behind it. and legally blonde and burger king. everything. what color are your shoes? they look like a kind of black/brown/grey metallic of some sort. i really really like them.

heidi said...

JESS! i wish i knew where a copy of the legally blonde night picture is! i would blow it up and frame it! best night ever.


I feel kinda really bad laughing at the hole in your kid's pants but that photos is just too hilarious. And BURGER KING hahaha well maybe you guys needed a cherry Icee to match your outfits?

Lisa (aka sweetie) said...

You look great in this outfit..skirt fits you like a dream!! XO Lisa

Lori said...

So glad you found your skirt again. I love it when things like that happen.
I had a favorite dress that i gave away after I had B because I was sure I would never fit into it ever again. After #2 and all the weight loss, I was so sad I gave it away. Then, I found the exact same dress at a thrift store about a year later so of course I bought it. It's still one of my favorite go-to dresses.

Lo said...

so happy you stopped by. you have such great style and are super witty. follow? don't mind if i do.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Woman - Imma cut to the chase. You have a Scarlett, I have a Scarlett. You have a Thomas, I have a Tom. You used to live in KC, I DO live in KC. Apparently your hubby feels you need a flatulance blanket? Well, let's just say mine might agree with that. IT'S LIKE WE ARE THE SAME PERSON.

The end.