Friday, January 07, 2011

heidiluxe fashion blog bill of rights

there are some really great parts of the fashion blogging community. and there are some really less than great parts. in order to help keep myself on the great side of blogging, i created a personal fashion blogging bill of rights. these are for me, but i am sharing them with you.

the heidiluxe fashion blog etiquette bill of rights
1. i will make a concerted effort to be myself. it should come easily, but when everything is put on the internet, things can unintentionally appear different than they actually are. i finally stopped posing in front of the messes in my house. they are still there, i just push them aside for the photos.
2. i will give credit where credit is due. all good ideas come from somewhere, whether it be from myself or from other sources.
3. i will not comment purely for blog solicitation. i will try to make insightful, and positive and constructive comments. i will not say rude things and then try and soften the blow with an emoticon. jokes should be obvious and not require :o{) or ;) or whatev. i'm done with hateful women. if i have offended you at any time, then i truly apologize.
4. i will keep my blog jealousy to a minimum and i will try to be happy for others. everyone has different strengths and bank accounts. the average American household with at least one credit card has nearly $10,700 in credit-card debt. i will be wise with what i have. i will not shop simply for blog fodder.
5. i will be mindful of my personal blogging purpose. i am a wife and a mother who desires to be fashionable, modest, creative and frugal.
6. blogging is not my entire life and i will not treat it as such.
7. if i express my opinion, please know that it is only that, my opinion. feel free to respectfully share yours.
8. conspicuous consumption is not creativity. shopping should be purposeful and relaxing. it is not a game to try and keep up, to show-off, to fill a psychological need, or to self-medicate. unless that need involves my period and shoes are the only thing that will make it better. and a big bag of chocolate chips. milk chocolate chips.
9. i will not buy ugly things just to be ironic. i will not buy things just because they are on sale. everything i buy, i need to love. even if it is ugly.
10. i will be gracious. no one has to read my blog(except my mom, and sister, and husband). i am grateful for all who do.
sweater- target
belt- gap
dress- thrifted
boots- steve madden via ebay

a little avant garde, if you will.


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

I really love this outfit. The yellow is perfect for you!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

And as for the Bill of Rights, they are right on. Perfect for your blog. And many others. I especially appreciate the one about buying things just for copious consumption. For whatever reason I feel like there's a lot of "OMG I love Banana, Loft, Anthro and I buy everything from there." Not that those stores aren't great and have cute things, but they aren't the ONLY stores that have beautiful clothes. Be creative folks! Don't be afraid to shop at other places!

I love your blog!

Lori said...

That's a great Bill of Rights. I especially like 5 and 6. I love the last pose too :)
I also completely agree with the comment above.

Carie said...

You wear avant garde well my friend. And I absolutely LOVE your bill of rights. I may need to come up with my own. . .

I love that your blog is a fashion blog and not a shopping blog. People are mistaking the two. Fashion blog means putting together outfits, shopping blog means here are all the clothes I just bought but now they are old, so I will buy some more.

Emily Curfew said...

that yellow color looks great on you and your avant garde pic is delightfully cute!! hahaha
and i love your bill of rights. #4 is a hard one to keep.

The Elegant Bohemian said...

I like it! I've had to come to terms with some of the "dark sides" of blogging. And maybe they're not necessarily dark sides, they are just not what I'm about. I've definitely worn some crap on my blog just to try to be unique or worthy if you will. I decided a few weeks ago - NO MORE! I'm me and I dress like I dress. You're for the latest styles does not make one creative. But using what's in your closet as cleverly as that takes some imagination. REally enjoying your blog! ~Serene

myedit said...

a) I like the dresser drawers.
b) Your posing is thorough adventurous and awesome.
c) I can get behind a lot of your constitutions. It's funny how across the board, many bloggers struggle with the same things. Ok, maybe not funny but true...

modernmom said...

You are crazy, and I love it! Perfect. :)

Rachel said...

Ooh. I love the whole thing. You are the only "fashion blog" I read, because it's yours, and I am not fashionable, and you don't seem to be rubbing off on me even after all these years. But yours is my Favorite fashion blog! :)

sisters4saymoreismore said...

oh my gosh! favorite photos so far! soph and i were just talking about how much we love to read your blog you are so fun, we feel like we know you!


Holly Niederhauser Larsen said...

hilarious. you should have been a lawyer and a commedian all at once. I love the one where you are laying on the dresser.

LittleSarahD said...

I thought about you when I was out shopping yesterday and how I want to love my own style. Thanks for the inspirationnnnn!

Sarah Dinneny


OHmygah Heidi, these photos are killing me. They came out of nowhere! HILARITY

And I give total props to your bill o' rights. Word.