Wednesday, January 12, 2011

dear winter, i own you

dear winter,
i was feeling pretty weak the past few days because a lovely snowstorm rocked my plans for the week. my plans that included leaving the house and doing things. i don't know many stay-at-home-moms that actually stay home. i enjoy my kids being home, it's the whole-never-being-able-to-leave-the-house-unless-we-want-imminent-and-icy-death part that i take issue with.
but not today. i shuffled off the sweatpants and 3 pairs of socks and i fought back. with a pair of tights, knee socks, and a sweater dress! it was grisly, but i won. for the love, i've experienced snow in june in wyoming, i suffered through 5 utah winters, i made an entire MAN out of snow! one little entire-eastern-seaboard-blizzard wasn't going to bring me down. so put that in your pipe and smoke it winter!
 i own you.
love, heidi
swing coat- apt. 9 at kohl's
sweater dress- ralph lauren
belt- target
scarf- express
tights- target
over the knee socks- target
boots- steve madden via ebay
ps- thomas just loves a red and black combo. dressing in this combo is my little shout out to him. go dawgs.

next step, world domination. bwahahahahaha.


sisters4saymoreismore said...

you. are. awesome.

i have a feeling we would be great friends...


Brittney said...

good for you. winter has pretty much kicked me down and is bwahaha-ing in my face right now. hope your winter-owning brings him down a notch or two...even long-distance.
you look awesome. i did the tights/socks/boots thing today too. (oooh, accidental spoiler...that won't post til tomorrow.) i love a leg-covering trifecta in winter. it just feels so right.

The Elegant Bohemian said...

LOVING that "can do" attitude! AND the shiny red belt! ~Serene

modernmom said...

the best ever.

Kaitlyn said...

snow owns me. lol, i HATE snow so freaking much. i can't wait to move south ... when i retire, ha. anyway, i'm lovin the visible socks, cute cute.

kristine said...

So cute! Love the pops of red in there!

Kristine. Or Polly.

Jenni said...

YOu look so darn cute in this outfit!! I love the splash of red im the tights and belt...perfection!!! Stay warm!