Tuesday, January 25, 2011

trendy friendy

i'm participating in my first fashion blog event:
everybody who participates styles a similar fashion item. this time is breton stripes:

for some reason i felt the need to put all sorts of trends together at once. breton stripes, sequins, floral, pencils skirts. but today it works for me.

striped longsleeve t- old navy
sequin tank- wal*mart
skirt- jcrew
boots- steve madden via ebay
i sort of loathe the boots with this skirt. but i am trying to be practical and heels just wouldn't have flown with errands and mom stuff and blah blah blah. for the record i would have worn my silver jessica simpson heels i wore on sunday with this outfit. if i were lunching and had no responsibilities.
i like this shot because when i am leaning up against the dresser, it looks like a have a booty. because i don't. at all. thomas calls it williams wide bottom syndrome, after my extended family. i'm so in love with thomas when he tells me such romantic things.


Linda said...

Your boots with that skirt totally works! I don't loathe it at all!
Your stripes look great.
(By the way, your image was too small to appear on the site so it is a text link. If you want to resize it, repost it to your site, and resubmitted it to EBEW you can. But you certainly don't have to!)

The Auspicious Life

Anonymous said...

RE: your comment on my blog
I feel for you too :( It's really not fun.

I love mixing floral and stripes! Really cute!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I can recognize that Old Navy striped tee cause I have it too, but wait where's my sequined bow tank on top? I didn't get that one! ... So sad, cause is adorable! Loved the way you layered it!


Simple said...

way to go on mixing the stripes and floral and sequins and pencil skirts... you like a challenge!

Elissa said...

Love your mix of stripes and florals! You pull this off with great success!


Anonymous said...

Hehehe, your posts always make me smile. I love that you paired your stripes with florals and thanks for giving me the heads up: I posted my stripes too!!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

You are so cool. I really love all the mixing of patterns and colors! Can we be friends?

Kaitlyn said...

i like it! u really can pull off all that.. me, i would look ridiculous. i would like to see the outfit with black pumps though :) and i really want that tank top.

Brittney said...

i love love LOVE this! quite possibly my favorite of all time on you. makes me want to run out and buy or steal a large-scale floral skirt. either one. just so long as i have a skirt in-hand at the end of it all.
you're adorable.

Ang said...

Heidi, I would NEVER in a million, trillion, gazillion years think to put that outfit together. Ever. How in the world do you manage to put things together (that my mind tells me don't match) and manage to look like a total rock star?? This is one of my favorites so far :)

Libbie said...

Love that skirt!