Friday, December 31, 2010

capping the recap 2010

highlights and lowlights and dim bulbs of 2010, in no particular order and with really zero level of importance. enjoy!

*the jay/conan debacle was big news, but i think conan sporting jeggings as he interviewed tim gunn was the bigger news. we are all going to make fun of ourselves for wearing these someday.

*move over paris, we have a new queen of nothingness, kim kardashian. the only thing good i can say is at least she is smart enough to make money out of her fame. why encourage your daughters to go to college and try and make a difference in the world when they can just wear a ton of make up, party every night, make illicit videos and call it a career? is this the new empowerment? could miss kim at least pick a new uniform? if i had all that money, i am pretty sure i wouldn't be wearing the same thing over and over and over and over.

* the prince william engagement could just be the highlight of my year. if only i had known he was interested in commoners! what a different course my life could have taken! i am doubly, nay, tripley kicking myself for not going to london for study abroad back in the summer of 2000. it could have been perfect. him, the prematurely balding heir to the throne of england, me, the obtuse american in search of love and crumpets! it sounds like a lifetime movie. plus, i could have helped my sister become the official buckingham palace piano teacher. she had a secret(not so secret now) dream of being the royal prince's piano teacher.
*the attack of the scarfs, the belts, and the cardigans on fashion blogs. i love ALL three of these things and wear them quite consistently. but fashion bloggerdom has pretty much dug the grave for them in 2010. i can't wait for the next big trend so that we lemmings can rush out and buy it and then put pictures of it all over our blogs and then gush and compliment each other to death as if we were each the first person to think of it. i am as guilty as the rest,(i find that i tire of trends pretty quickly. but that's another post for another day) but at least i can acknowledge it.

*lindsay lohan. i can't even be snarky about someone who is imploding in the public eye due to drug addiction. unfortunately, she represents too many people who are privately suffering from the same ailment. let's all just make a pact and never ever do drugs. because how many drug-user success stories can you think of? kurt cobain? john belushi? marilyn monroe?

*best movie of the year-toy story 3. i laughed, i cried, i wanted my kids to stay young forever.
*best comedy of the year- the twlight saga: eclipse. i laughed, i cried(because i was laughing so hard) i wanted to stay young forever.

*most damaging to healthy self-image of the year- the ann taylor and ralph lauren airbrushing debacle. people can be slender in real life, people cannot be airbrushed in real life.
ralph lauren:
ann taylor:

*best book i read this year- stolen by lucy christopher, stockholm syndrome at it's finest!

*best song of the year- florence and the machine- dog days are over.
apparently it came out in 2009, but i didn't discover it until 2010, therefore i couldn't possible exist until i heard it. sort of like what tracy jordan says on 30 rock "when i go to sleep, nothing happens in the world."

gracias 2010!


Carie said...

Stolen. Okay. Adding it to the list.

(P.S. I don't own jeggings.)

Joy said...

ditto about eclipse.

Salt City Style said...

i may or may not have been drinking water while reading your paragraph about prince william and may or may not have laughed and snorted said water all over the place when i read it.
you decide.

HJolley said...

Well sheesh. Now everyone thinks I'm Anyway, I could have really helped him with his piano techniques. And then we could have fallen in love, my headgear and all. Now THERE'S a lifetime movie.

Emily Curfew said...

favorite post of the week.

Brittney said...

best. post. ever. in the universe. trust me. i can just tell these things.
thanks for the laughs.

caramelchica said...

omigod I LOVED Conan strutting around the set in his acid wash rinse jeggings! I was still laughing at him when the Kardashians got on, so I didn't have to vomit :D