Thursday, December 09, 2010

what to wear when you want to wear nothing

i had a few days last week when i was sickysick. i wanted to spend all day in my pajamas, but i knew i had too much to do and pajamas=do nothing it's a scientific fact. they would have added it to the scientific method, but they were wearing their pajamas and you get the picture. hardy har har.

so, day 1 of sickysick- tights and a skirt. and a dreaded turtleneck. sickysick means not the best choices, but i did like the look of color blocking with the purple and red.
furthermore, tights are my back-up sweat pants. they hold my guts in without pinching my guts. (i avoid control top anything at all times.)
dreaded turtleneck-kohl's
pleather jacket- kohl's
flats- tjmaxx
necklace- charming charlie
 and day 2 of sickysick- we did our usual family routine of going downtown for dinner. it was probably 50 degrees, but i dressed like i was in siberia. i was so cold. i felt like my grandma. all i needed was a few used tissues tucked up my sleeve for later use. but mixing prints makes me happier than a "jackass with a mouthful of briars"*. *probably my most favorite southern colloquial phrase of all time.
beanie- wal*mart
long sleeve tee- gap
scarf- target?
plaid button-up- macys
sweater coat- ann taylor loft
skinny pants- tj maxx
knee socks- gifted
boots- steve madden via ebay

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Carie said...

I love turtlenecks. Is that wrong?