Wednesday, December 01, 2010

the scariest thing that never happened

being the mild-mannered suburbanite that i am, i just spent the last hour cleaning my kitchen. as i was swiffer wet jetting away, i rounded the corner from my kitchen to the front hallway and saw that my front door was wide open to the forboding outdoors, announcing to the world to come in and murderize me. and steal my shoes. i don't know how long the front door was open, but i do know that i did the slow motion mouth-covering-silent-scream-and-crumple-to-the-floor-maneuver. it's dark, i'm home alone with two sleeping kids and someone may or may not be creeping around my house, pawing around my underwear drawer, and probably noticing that i'm a mediocre housekeeper and i've only cleaned the main floor and the upstairs floor is just this side of atrocious. so i grab the first thing i can find, a miniature umbrella, and summons all the tae-bo expertise that i remember and head upstairs. it's not really the size of your weapon, it's the force with which you can bludgeon someone with it. not that i've bludgeoned someone before, but i've definitely thought about it. at the dmv. i did the roll around the corner and jump at the shadows room check and as far as i can tell the murderer is a super good hider and i couldn't find them. so i'm updating my blog in case tonight is my last night on earth.
beanie- wal*mart
sweater- dillards
denim shirt- wal*mart
t-shirt- jcrew
skirt- target
overthekneesocks- target
boots- candies via kohl's
this picture is totally crooked. because my photographer is a children's desk and a step stool sitting in my yard. i suffer for my art.


Jenna said...


modernmom said...

You are crazy! And it is cracking me up. I thought I was the only crazy housewife (who only cleans the downstairs). Who am I kidding, if someone broke in, he would break his neck too. Trying to get up the stairs!

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I was in bed last night watching Glee on my computer and thought I heard the sliding glass door open. I looked around for a weapon! Happy to know I'm not the only one who thinks she can save the day!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Tae-bo! Love the shout out (well to me and all your other Rogers Hall peeps).

Isn't it you that thinks you don't have a good hat head? B/c I beg to differ. You look really cute and comfy cozy warm in that beanie. Is that a recent Wally World purchase?

heidiluxe said...

nat-last year wal*fart purchase. for like a buck. it has a cute little wooden toggle on it so that i can stick it through a coat button hole and not lose it.

and it's baseball caps that i look lame in. just not naturally athletic. but thanks for the compliment.


Julie said...

You are a brave woman! I would have freaked out! I guess I always knew you were tough though :)

Sarah (Oh Pretty Day) said...

I love the socks peeking out of the boots! So cute!

Lori said...

That's so scary. I'm glad everyone was ok.
I love that your tripod is a desk and a stool. Mine is my yoga block:)

Fashion Fabrice said...

love your boots!!
I love your blog because its such a great read & you style is fantastic!! Im happy i ran into it!
Im gonna follow you from now on!
hope you visit & follow me back!
that would be amazing:)

love from belgium.