Monday, November 29, 2010

17 inch waist sunday bestest

i like to dress up for church. i know lots of people have more of a "come as you are" kind of attitude towards church dress, and more power to you. my attitude is more "come as i would like to be". i feel like if i am going to dress up, it may as well be for the most important event of the week. i figure it's the least i can do for the Savior of the world. not trying to be trite.
polka dots with polka dots. and white shoes after labor day. with a black cap toe. just to be safe. and i hemmed my skirt in about 5 minutes BEFORE we left for church. which means after i post this, i am grabbing my seam ripper and fixing it. and the waist was SUPER tight. like 17 inch scarlett o'hara waist tight. sometimes when i have to teach my lesson i get a little stressed and i have trouble deep breathing and this skirt sure didn't help that. BUT, my lesson to the laurels was on financial responsibility so i was pretty psyched that the majority of my outfit was thrifted.
shirt- thrifted!
skirt- thrifted!
shoes- charlotte russe($11)
i thought it would be cute to take some pictures on our field of leaves...
then thomas reminded me that meatball also likes this little patch of leaves and grass for another reason...gross.


modernmom said...

You are cracking me up. I dress up for church on Sunday's too. Raised in Virginia, we "wear our best to God's house". I too think definetely come as you are, but I want to do my best, girl!
Scarlett would be proud. :)

kristine said...

I LOVE this outfit! I love the combination of a loose fitting blouse tucked into a high waisted skirt. Super cute!

Julie said...

Love me some polka dots! And ps-stay away from the leaves. Spiders like them! Ik.

Kiki said...

I want that skirt SOOOO bad. I love it to death haha. I think your blog is super cute! And also, can I just say that I think your hair is beautiful? Haha sorry if that sounds weird ;)