Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the tackiest thing i love

a few weeks ago i was reading in the wall street journal an interview with some famous interior designer/hostess. i wish i could find the article because i would link it for your reading pleasure. the interviewer asked the designer the usual spate of decor and beautiful living questions, but one question stopped me in my tracks. "what is the tackiest thing you love?" i think that is the greatest interview question ever asked. are any of us too highbrow to not have something delightfully tacky that we love? the interviewee's answer was perfect. at her parties she likes to have an entire chafing dish dedicated to velveeta and Ro-tel dip. everyone loves it.

so i thought and i thought about what my favorite tacky thing would be. and i asked other people their opinions. i could start an entire new blog dedicated to my lifetime of favorite tacky things.

a short list
- in high school i thought it was so cute when girls would wear strappy tank tops and have multicolored visible bra straps. or for the truly daring(and exceptionally tacky) instead of a bra there would be visible bikini top strings. at school. in the midwest. so tacky.
- i had a short love affair with lee press on nails.
- tabloid magazines
- i just love listening to britney spears. it's no secret.
- i have had more than my fair share of perms.
- the magic bullet has been on my christmas wish list for years. even this year.
- and i would have to say my husband's favorite tacky thing is "married with children". he grew up watching it and occasionally he will grace us with a slew of bundy quotes.
- and my sister has a not-so-secret love of vending machine food.

but my most enduring favorite has always been big hair. unnaturally big, heaven-scraping, voluminous hair.

and the best product that i have found to achieve this tacky feat? suave hairspray. plus, if i have let my hair "rest" the day before, i don't even need mousse the next time i style.
my hair gets so full that i can't even tuck it behind my ears. it's cheap and probably not the best thing for my hair and sometimes it's a little crunchy after i immediately spray, but nothing to write to paul mitchell about. even after i brush out my hair in the afternoon, it retains the curl. all i need to do is fluff upside down and re-spray. my picture on the upper right hand corner of my blog is post-brushing and fluffing.

SO, what's the tackiest thing that you love?


sisters4saymoreismore said...

totally have that hairspray... hmmm... tacky... well, its kind of hard to narrow it down considering my many tacky collections... my eyeshadow collection is pretty darn tacky... every color of the rainbow girl! and you better believe i wear every one of those colors and sometimes quite a few all at once... Honestly is anyone thing tacky anymore? its all about the styling... i saw A sea Of Shoes wearing this ridiculous enormous gold bunny belt (true story) and i couldn't help but love it and all because of her genious styling skills!


Jessica said...

is everyone too embarrassed to admit to the tacky things they love?? okay, here's one that is so tacky (and embarrassing) that i feel like i should post the comment annonymously...

back in the day (a LONG time ago), i thought earrings on guys were really hot. ewwww. right?

as for now, i guess my main tacky things i love are all the art work that the kids bring home from school and tack up (hahahahaha, i'm punny and i didn't even know it) all over the house. i also love tabloid magazines. and a mismatched, charlie brown christmas looking kind of christmas tree.

and i agree that this is a fantastic interview question.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Hmmm, I don't know if this qualifies as tacky per se, but it is definitely my guilty pleasure - I LOVE high school flicks/cheesy Hallmark movies/Disney channel movies. I don't care if they are completely predictable, I love 'em!

As for a tacky fashion thing that I love, here's a list:

*thick, black upper eyelid eyeliner that flips up at the end so that it looks catlike

* majorly backcombed/teased hair on the crown of the head complimented with a thick headband, ie major '50s/'60s bouffant hair

* White sparkly eyeshadow

Hahaha - this was fun!

Paula said...

I don't know if this is lame or not but I love decorative socks. Stripes, flowers, argyle, anything really...white is so boring to me. No one knows what type of socks you are wearing under your shoes.

I also love tacky 80s and early 90s love/R&B songs-Phil Collins, Genesis, Babyface, Bryan Adams etc. love em.