Sunday, November 21, 2010

i'm formal, but i'm here to party

last night thomas and i went to our stake conference adult session. it was like a college all over again. two dates in two nights. but really more like a movie i once watched where people in college went on lots of dates instead of being like me and just going to smith's each friday and saturday and buying tubs of ice cream. and then driving by my crush's house to see if he was home from his actual date. and honking.

while i was there i overheard a woman not so quietly say about my outfit, "that's an interesting combination." but not in a that-documentary-about-nigerian-fruit-flies-was-so-interesting kind of way, but more of a derisive, that-is-ugly-but-i'm-going-to-say-interesting-so-i-don't-sound-like-a-jerk kind of way. which begs the question, is it better to be nice or to be honest? or just quiet? what do you do?

anywhoo, i don't care two figs. i prefer to be any kind of interesting over safe any day.
and then after the conference, i had my first waffle cone at stone cold. i can't believe i waited 30 years to have one. it was dipped in chocolate and butterfinger crumbles. boom.
sweater- old navy
skirt- jcrew
boots- who knows, super old

and then today: in my husband's and ricky bobby's words, i'm formal, but i'm here to party. 
*this cool little stream is in my backyard! it's a herper's delight!

my button up is light blue stripes, but it didn't translate very well in pictures.
button up-JCP
sequin tank- miley cyrus and max azria for wal*mart(for $1)
skirt- i don't even know! it just appeared in my closet and i discovered it today! it must be left over from my working in an office days more than 5 years ago.
shoes- steve madden via tjmaxx


Jenna said...

OK ... I thought that would be really cool if people really came to our house every Friday night for ice cream ... and I love cold stone. Nigerian fruit flies? hilarious.

Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

You know what? You can pull that outfit off. Not many people can, including me. That's probably why she said it's an "interesting" outfit, because she herself, could not wear it.

You go girl! :)

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

If it's a stranger, it's better to be nice. If it's a good friend, it's better to be honest - but nicely. She should've just stayed quiet until she and her husband were in the car on their way home. That's what I do.

So yes, it's a different combination and one that I would never, ever wear, but what does that mean? Absolutely nothing. So what if I wouldn't wear it? All that matters is that you would (and did) wear it. And you looked great in it! Girl, you're like Dumbledore - there's no denying you've got style. (Big props to Thomas since I know he'll get that HP reference).

And color me amazed that you've just now experienced Coldstone. Where have you been getting your specialty ice cream before now?

LeRae said...

you are such a rocking mom! love you in your ponytail~
vanilla with sprinkles

Nicole said...

I would say anything! RUDE she said that outloud! I agree wtih what Natalie said...stanger, shut yo mouth! :) LOVED the bottom outfit! And I love that stream, why haven't you taken more pics nect to it?!?!

heidiluxe said...

nat! i've experience cold stone(and i know i just realized i called it stone cold, it's a weird habit) i've just never had a waffle cone. just another thing frowned upon in the beck family. too much extra moneys.
and nicole, that stream requires an actual person to take my picture, instead of my usual stack of books on a chair pulled outside to act as my tripod. when are you coming to SC to take my pictures?

Jessica said...

"interesting" hahahaha -- unfortunately my children only seem to know the negative connotation of the word. as for me i say either be nice or be quiet. and also, how long ago did you get the red pumps from tj??? i have a pair of patent leather red madden girl pumps that have somehow become unwearable (they rub my pinky toe raw whenever i wear them now and i don't know why). but i LOVE me a red shoe, so i NEED to get a new pair.

also, (this is a long comment), but what were your thoughts on hermione's outfits in hp7? we saw it on friday night, and i found myself wondering what you would think about them throughout the entire movie. also, do i know why you are so averse to reading the harry potter series? is it just a matter of principle at this point? a matter of not wanting to jump on everyone else's bandwagon? enquiring minds want to know.

sisters4saymoreismore said...

something nice... or nothing at all!


Holly Niederhauser Larsen said...

I'm guessing she was a "non-contributing zero." I know the kind. You always look great.

Anonymous said...

That lady was so silly, you were rockin' it. Probably jealous :) I TOTAL love your second outfit. The top and shoes are adorable.

Righteous Republic said...

Be nice or be quiet, for sure. I think you look bold and fabulous! I also LOVE that $1 tank top! What a steal!

lemon leaf said...

The sequins are sexy!


Salt City Style said...

what an interesting outfit! and i mean that in the wow-i-would-never-have-thought-of-that-because-i'm-not-brilliant-like-you way. seriously! the tank looks amazing over the button up... i will be stealing this shortly, i'm sure.