Tuesday, November 16, 2010

three days of flats

i can't hide the fact that i have kids. there isn't a purse big enough to fit them in and there are too many tell tale signs(snot not belonging to me on my sleeve, the accordian stomach shelf, and that more than slightly maniacal look in my eye) to be able to deny it. and as much as i hate to admit it, i do dress to accomodate them and their activities. if i had a nanny or 3, i don't know if i would even own jeans. it would be all cocktail dresses all the time. i'm just a skirts and dresses kind of gal.
anywhoo, i've gotten into a pretty comfortable mom rut. (GASP!) i vow to change! later!
i took the kids to our church parking lot for bike riding and this is what i had to do for a photo since there wasn't a surface for my regular set-timer-and-run-routine.
button-up- JCP
cropped pants- ann taylor loft
sneaks-merrill(they are so comfortable i feel like i should be doing laps at the mall before the shops open.)

blouse- gap
scarf- target
cropped pants- ann taylor loft
flats- target
belt- gap

tunic- express(i actually wore this when i was pregnant with scarlett. i've been eating like a preggo all day as a result)
cardi- target
jeans- gap forever skinny
flats- byu bookstore

and i think i really want these shoes. so at least i am getting the height i crave and the safety of a wedge:
ps- i really do love my kids. just not their snotty noses.


sisters4saymoreismore said...

that parking lot pic is the best! i am totally having a hard time getting pis done cause it either me or my 4 yr old... neither one should be behind a camera!


Kaitlyn said...

u're such a fun mom! hope your kids appreciate that, haha. the first pic is great!

Elaine said...

Hahahahah! I love your plank pose :D


modernmom said...

Love all the shot locations. :)
And all the flats outfits. I have four kids, so I am running around all day doing kid stuff too. Welcome to Momdom.

nicole said...

cutest blog! all super cute outfits