Sunday, November 14, 2010

church high

sunday is my fave day to get dressed. i can be unapologetically feminine. no one asks me why i am so dressed up(i get that a lot, do you?). i get a churchy kind high. plus, thomas can take my picture wherever i want, instead of me trying to find a level surface and then setting the timer and running and posing. very awkwardly, you've probably noticed.
these pictures were taken along my favorite running trail. perfect weather, perfect breakfast, perfect lunch. pancakes both times.
and, i rediscovered my love of thrifting. i used to be a goodwill master in high school, but my style changed in college and it was harder to find what i wanted at a thrift store. i tried again this week and i went a little crazy. i bought this dress for the fabric and then i tried it on at home and i knew that i was just perfect the way it is.
thomas did say that i reminded him of his mom in the 80s. i would say this dress is vintage, but that terminology has always bothered me. really, it's just old and used.

old and used dress- goodwill (for $6)
scarf belt- target
cardi- kohl's
heels- kristin davis via tj maxx


Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

I like it! nice find.

sisters4saymoreismore said...

that dress is totally gorgeous! i would buy it new and un-used or old and used!


Lise Marie said...

I am glad you wore it just the way it is!! I love the way you pulled it together and made it a very up to-date look!

alltumbledown said...

What a fab dress! I love that vintage finds are often more modest than what I could buy for more money at a store today.

Salt City Style said...

oh man! that dress is fabulous. what awesome thrift luck!
oh, and loved the awkward story... kids are so funny. my nephew did the same thing to my husband the other day. don't worry, i wasn't there too... i just heard about it. haha. :)