Wednesday, November 10, 2010

momzilla the unapproved chaperone

busy. tired. mom stuff dominating my life. i am feeling like a old woman trying navigate a parking lot on her rascal whilst wearing a housecoat and curlers with a yappy dog in her basket.
speaking of, how old is too old of braided pig tails? 30?
houndstooth cap- some boutique somewhere
stripey shirt- old navy
checked button up- gap
black pants- tj maxx
knee boots- steve madden

i mean, willie nelson was sporting them WAAAAY past 12. and he's 77 now and i won't be telling him to change anytime soon. as long as he keeps singing "always on my mind" he can do no wrong in my eyes.

field trip #1: robin hood chic for a tour of the local publix. which is lame because we go to the grocery store all the time and it's not an event but the preschool decides to go and it's a big deal. *the kids insisted i pose with the halloween owl*
red blouse- miley cyrus for wal*mart
gray long sleeve t- gap
shrug sweater- JCP
skinny cargos- target
slouchy boots- steve madden, i think

and the next day was field trip #2 to the pumpkin patch, post-halloween. i showed up and i was informed i was not an "approved chaperone" and that i could not attend. so, yeah. i think unapproved chaperone sounds sort of risky-awesome. especially posing for pictures in my kitchen next to my husband's tower of tupperware for lunch. DON'T LET THIS WOMAN ON FIELD TRIPS! furry puffy vest- gap
boyfriend button-up-gap
fuzzy gray cardi- made by dinosaurs a million years ago
boyfriend jeans- jcrew
boots- steve madden

and i'm sure you all have this at your house:
this picture was on my mind when i went to sleep on saturday night and i woke up determined to somehow recreate this cozy look for sunday.

it felt a little weird wearing socks and sandals since that is my favorite thing to make fun of when i see others doing it. i guess you call this "branching out". i get a shaky feeling in my stomach just thinking about it.

sweater dress- macy's
ribbed tights- wal*mart
platform sandals- kristen davis via tj maxx

ps- my hair is so long these days. perhaps i'll start brushing it on a regular basis?


sisters4saymoreismore said...

those Kristin Davis shoes are amazing!!! you are hilarious!!! quit it with all that "edgy" unapproved Chaparone talk! j/k i love it all!


ps.. we love to read you so much that we added you to our side bar...

Kaitlyn said...

love the first outfit! how daring are you, mixing prints?! and the braids are cute!

Salt City Style said...

hahaha oh my gosh. i love the willie nelson picture! that was hilarious... i'm still laughing.. seriously.
and i love your looks! i'm nervous about doing the socks/sandals thing but you pull it off really well. :) way to work it even though you were nervous about it!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

I actually really love that first outfit on you. Very "Mondo"ish mixing prints. And for whatever reason, you rocked the braids! I actually love that entire ensemble. Tres (insert cool French word here)!

I always knew you were a rebel. You better watch your rep among the other moms.