Friday, November 19, 2010

it speaks for itself

there's a new color out there. i don't know if you've heard. it's really. it's pretty great. sure, you're probably saying, "no duh, heidi. blue has been around since at least the 80s." but do you know what i say to that? "really, there is still plenty of duh in the world."
i've always had an aversion to wearing blue, especially pairing blue with denim. it just couldn't be done. too much on top of too much. but, lately, the tide has been turning. and i think i actually like blue.
but this top in particular? ruffle collar, polka dots, blousy sleeves? yes, please. when trying to put something together with this shirt, i just couldn't. this shirt doesn't need an outfit. it speaks for itself.

i DID try and do my hair like the former owner of this shirt would have done in her heyday.
heidi meets veronica lake.

and everywhere i went to take pictures, the toys followed me. i think the only place sans toys right now is my bathroom. but not even my own shower. right now i have a soaking wet baby doll staring up at me from the shower floor.

shirt- goodwill
belt- gap
jeans- kohl's version of seven
boots- giani bini


Sarah (Oh Pretty Day) said...

That is a beautiful blue color! I love it! Great find. Veronica Lake is great hair inspiration :)

alltumbledown said...

Beautiful hair! Love that you paired it with the shirt-- subtle period matching really amps up a vintage piece.