Saturday, November 20, 2010

heidi potter and the hairy bathroom of dreadful muckery

chipotle+harry potter and the deathly hallows+thomas+jessica simpson heels=date night!
i haven't read a lick(not even a sniff) of any harry potter books, but i have seen each movie on opening night with thomas. i think last night i was the best companion i could be. i didn't ask any dumb questions about the difference between a goblin and a house elf(just amount of clothing if you ask me) or why doesn't voldemort fix his nose with his wand or why if they are muggles, why are you called a mudblood instead of mugblood? or a muddle for that matter! i just sat quietly and companionably and enjoyed myself. i DID question a few times why so many parents brought their YOUNG, like under 5 years old, children to a sort of scary movie. and it was after 8pm! i came to the movies to NOT be around whiny children. i felt like giving parenting lessons but there was no intermission.
anywhoo, i also cleaned a bathroom in this getup without getting any bleach cleaner on myself. which is a feat in itself. i was living on the edge.
cowl neck blouse- vera wang for kohl's
cardigan- from my mother
belt- dilliards
cords- gap straight leg
heels- jessica simpson
coat- apartment 9
purse- gryson for target


modernmom said...

It is so dreadful to not be able to give the parenting advice people so desperately need. I was at the opening night (8 hour event) of the last Twilight movie with my bff of 25 years. We have 4 kids, she has two toddlers, so we made arrangements to have them cared for. Lo and behold, we heard a 2-3 year old talking the entire time! What?!

sisters4saymoreismore said...

die for you! seriously.