Thursday, November 18, 2010

i like big boots and i cannot lie

you other brothers can't deny

tuesday night was a relief society meeting and it was all about books. i even completed the book related craft(with much assistance and gnashing of teeth).i was asked to give a review of a book i liked. i bet you can't guess which one i chose. here's a hint: the heroine and i both have a 17 inch waist. hahahahaha.
i like big buns and i cannot lie. but, i think i am going to have to give up wearing high buns on my head for a while. though it has been my favorite hairstyle since about 1993, my hair is just too heavy and my hair and scalp ache after i let down my bun at the end of the day. this is my new attempt at a non-high-bun-hairstyle. i call it the half-princess-leia. there's only one cinnamon bun on the side of my head.
sweater- gap
t-shirt- jcrew
skirt- belk
boots- steve madden


Carie said...

Adorable. Love the outfit. Love the do. Love sir mix alot. Not really but he's from Seattle.

sisters4saymoreismore said...

loving the half princess laia... its a good look! now i am dying to know the book! (i am clearly to dense to guess)


seriously, if you don't tell me i fear i will read Twilight, yet another time.... i am a big dork.

Kaitlyn said...

what a cute outfit!

heidiluxe said...

selina! the book is gone with the wind. it's my ALL TIME FAVORITE OF EVERYTHING THE END.