Thursday, November 11, 2010

wednesday addams runs errands

since i was harsh about taylor swift's love of non-colors, my friend natalie challenged me to a week in my favorite non-color, black. and i gladly accepted. i secret dream of mine is to be a goth highschooler, complete with cape. i had a crush on the goblin king jareth in labyrinth, for quite a while. (put that magic jump on me, slap that baby and make him pee! genius.)

and of course, severus snape(colonel brandon for you jane austen fans!) sorry, harry pooter fans. i would love for the whole series to be about poor, brilliant, misunderstood snape.
what's not to love about two brits with bad teeth who wear capes? am i embarassing myself yet?

wearing all black felt like i was coming home for the first time in a long time. loved it! i even painted my fingernails black.

blouse- express
belt- gap
cords- american eagle
flats- max studio

TUESDAY- i had to run a bunch of errands and i got a LOT of looks for this outfit. wednesday addams runs errands. the guy at the oil change shop told me that i could definitely get my oil changed in my car, but that i "could stay and hang around with him for at least an hour and a half." gross. and his hair was slicked straight back. which is a surefire indicator of creeper. it doesn't have to be said that i high-tailed it and went somewhere else. perhaps he was an addams family fan?

white blouse- express
puffed sleeve sweater- gap
shorts- target
tights- target
flats- max studio

NO WEDNESDAY-because it was all black, but it wasn't cute and i was really busy and i had to wrap a scarf around my neck because my cleavage was out of control. and that's the first time in my whole life that i have ever said that. which is a reason why i should have taken a picture. and this is why i don't do those 30 for 30 challenges. i would have already lost.

THURSDAY- i started out with a black dress and boots. but it was sort of predictable and boring. so i changed it up. sweater- dillards
belt- fossil
dress- target
shoes- kristen davis via tj maxx
knee socks- target

the end.


Carie said...

Goth is so big now they have subcategories. Last year I was introduced to a new term for goths: emo.

How about next week you wear all pink?

sisters4saymoreismore said...

love it! you are so funny!!! and stylish too!!! i love themes but i have no attention span... it would be over before it started!


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Monday and Tuesday - wow! I love em. Those textured tights were da bomb. Boom!

HJolley said...

You are so pretty, and I love all of the outfits, especially Wednesday Addams. I think the darker you color your hair, the better. It looks great in all of those shots.

Salt City Style said...

i have to say, i'm with the creeper... that is such a great outfit!

Caroline said...

The outfit is actually not that bad (until you see the tights). HAHA!

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Love it! I bet your black nails look hawt too.

SherryB said...

I love your style!! I just ran across your blog and love it!! I like the all black week- you pulled out some cute outfits. I'll definitely be checking to see what this week will bring!!