Wednesday, December 22, 2010

uncomfortable to say

i wanted this outfit to be better. i really loved it and it felt great all day, but when i took pictures, i feel like my expert photography didn't do the look justice. i think when i recreate this look i will definitely wear a brighter colored cardigan and lose the scarf. this one makes me look like i have a lion's mane or a lumberjack beard. and since i already fight the good facial hair fight, i don't need a lion's mane/lumberjack scarf doing me any favors.
scarf- gift
cardi- gift
blazer- target
shorts- target
tights- target
shoes- maxx studio via tjmaxx

i tried different lighting, but blah was still the word of the day. i wish denuded could be the word of the day. i think the tan jacket and the pale gray cardi are just too closely related to have a normal dating relationship.
ps, i read the word denuded in the book i am currently reading(the mortal instruments: city of glass!!!) and i giggled. like when i have to say penal code. or dingleberry. or penetrate.
pps, did you know there is a dictionary of uncomfortable words? christmas is just around the corner!!!


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Done. Let me know when you get it!

Brittney said...

you are adorable. isn't it weird how taking photos gives a whole different slant on your look sometimes? sometimes good, sometimes not. but either way, i'm going to go check amazon for that dictionary. hilarious.
p.s. my "word verification" below is entlaste. heh. kind of ironic...

Lori said...

I need to get that dictionary of uncomfortable words. I can't even say erect without laughing like a 10 year old boy. I swear I'm not much more mature than Beavis and Butthead at times :)

Holly Niederhauser Larsen said...

sexy girl.

Jenna said...

I just read all of your posts through January 6th & this is the one I choose to comment on...

Whenever I am at my-DH-the-engineer's office I laugh about the words that they use to describe things - including penetration. It is probably the real reason that there aren't as many female engineers. Thanks for the giggle.