Friday, December 10, 2010

a blog full of my opinions and outfits

sometimes i get anxious when i tell people about my blogs. not so much the family blog, because it's about my family and it's a great record of our adventures together. however, depending on the audience, i can feel a little weird explaining this blog.
"really, it's a blog full of your opinions and outfits?"
 it really does sound quite narcissistic. and, i'll admit, it is. however, i really enjoy writing this blog and i get great satisfaction from compiling ideas and putting together outfits. and it has served a great purpose for me; i wear more of my clothes more often. plus, i just like thinking and writing. it's been a good combination for me. being a mom is great, but it has given me brain drain. worrying about the outcome of two little people's lives who depend on me for nearly everything can really make remembering and completing everyday tasks quite difficult. blogging helps keep my dendrite and axon connections fresh. thinking is my friend, not my foe.
button-up- thrifted
jacket- target
brooch- grandma beck
jeans- gap forever skinny
shoes- target

wouldn't this picture have been so cool if my jacket lining was animal print?

and thank you to all who read and (hopefully) laugh with me. i really appreciate the kind words. more than you will know.


Meredith said...

I totally get the "brain drain" that is associated with being a mother of little ones. It is one of the major reasons I work at the hospital, and probably always will. It's a small reason why I do photography. And it's one of the reasons why I blog.

And isn't blogging, in general, a little narcissistic? I mean, everyone has their OWN blogs, to talk about what THEY want and things that THEY do. It's all about the person who is the "owner" of the blog. So you having this one, it's just one of millions of the "All about me/myself/and I" blogs out there. (Mine included!)

Also, fashion is your "thing". Having a blog about it just seems to be the thing for you to do with your "thing". :)

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY feel the same way about telling friends and family about my blog. I'm so worried they'll look at it and think "who does she think she is!?". But I never thought that about outfit blogs, even before I was blogging. Hopefully people, "get it".

I really love this outfit too. From the plaid, to the cuffed skinny jeans with cute purple flats. It's just wonderful :)

Lori said...

I totally understand where you are coming from. I live in a tiny, rural town so I already get weird looks if I'm too dressed. I too tend to be shy about my blog. My friend however, announces that I have a fashion blog to everyone we meet. I get weird looks, but whatever... It makes me happy and it got me out of my yoga pants :)

DMC Studios said...

I live for your posts. If I could I'd put you and your opinions in my pocket so I could have a good laugh everyday.

And I love, lovey, loverson this outfit! I'm trying to figure out how to copy it with something I have. You should have a copier/follower spot for fans to upload their pictures of copied outfits you've made up that they copied.

kristine said...

Oh my gosh, I totally don't tell any of my friends that I have a blog (except for my super close ones... and unless they discovered it themselves). But really, fashion is something I am passionate about, so I get that great satisfaction that you are talking about, too. And I love your outfit - the purple flats are a great pop of color!

Jenna said...

Cute cute cute (always!) - I am amazed at how many great outfits you come up with things from Target & TJMaxx. And I love your perspective & the way you describe things.

Do your neighbors ever say anything about your picture taking?

Marilee said...

I love it, I am do the same way. Why didn't anyone at the hospital explain that one day I would wake up realizing that my vocabulary would be noticably limited and my thought processes would take so long I would forget where I was headed before ever getting anything out.

Then one day you wake up, turn on the computer to discover mama's little secret, blogs. Yeah Facebook is okay but blogging is what keeps mom sane. And I bet a good half of us have found the need for two blogs. Not because we are just that narcissistic but because we don't want the whole world tuning into our personal family details when all they care about it ----------(insert blog topic here)

But know I am an avid reader constantly walking around like a mini (well really, large version of) Heidi. And I think at least three times a week I think, "Heidi says it goes, so we should give it a shot."

So Keep on posting cause we love it and you are keeping a world of women out of yoga pants at least once a week.

Emily Curfew said...

i love this blog. keeps me entertained. keep the brain power coming

Emily said...


I actively contribute to, own (and actively use), or have set up four blogs. I regularly update my mothers for her since she's on her mission. And I set up two others besides that. Blogging is for happiness. Blog more. We'll read them.


oh--and my excuse? I don't have kids, but I'm still single and hear the same phrases from girls my age competing for guys ("mine!"... "I saw him first!"..."She took my (boyfriend)."..."She (fill in the blank)." Blogging helps us focus on blessings and goodness of our life as it is instead of the things that aren't as pleasant.

Andrea said...

Heidi, so glad to have discovered this through FB. Too fun! I just passed it on to a fashionable friend.