Sunday, December 19, 2010

i wore a hairspray helmet down memory lane today

this morning i pulled all my hair to one side and it set off a whole chain reaction of memories:

1. being nervous about my way-cool friend's 9th birthday pool party. i tried to look cool myself by doing a way neat all-hair-slicked-to-the-side-hairstyle that i completely plastered down with hairspray. which was brilliant thinking, since i was attending a pool party and your hairstyle whilst swimming is key to your popularity. i was such a cool, collected, at-ease 9 year old.
2. doing the aforementioned hairspay helmet hairstyle in front the tv whilst watching news coverage of the tiananmen square massacre. i was such a nerd. i am surprised i was even invited to a party, let alone a pool party since pool parties are always the coolest kind of party. i'm sure all the other kids were clamoring to talk to me about chinese democracy protests.
3. being immediately pushed into the pool by the birthday girl herself(our swimming tradition that we 9 year olds thought was hilarious) therefore ruining my chrome dome coif.

and my christmas-y but not too overt chirstmas-y sunday outfit, red ruffles and green plaid. 
sweater- target
ruffle blouse- miley cyrus and max azria at wal*mart
belt- dillards
dress- thrifted
shoes- jessica simpson at tj maxx


Emily Curfew said...

love this outfit, and love the lipstick

modernmom said...

You continue to crack me up. I will send you a bill for the stitch in my side.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i love this! your hair looks gorgeous - i actually wear mine like this all the time, too.

Brittney said...

i think memory lane is generally laden with hairspray. as it should be. i love your christmasy outfit! not too much, just enough. there was a girl in our ward who busted out a sweet santa-embroidered christmas sweater yesterday. don't feel bad that you missed that boat, though. there's always next year...
:) have a great week. and, since the week before christmas is usually very boring with nothing to do, i'd love it if you stopped by my blog!
either way, merry christmas.

Brittney said...

by the way, i'm a new follower. :)