Wednesday, December 15, 2010

carolyn and me

sometimes when i'm in a mood and have an attitude problem and i can't deal with simple things, i feel like dressing like carolyn bessette kennedy, one of my fashion muses. carolyn didn't exude attitude, but she had such a lovely, simple style that didn't need any extra fluff. which is not me at all, but it's nice to pretend. i love fluff, i breathe fluff. but when i'm snarky, i just don't feel the need for any unneccesary clothing or patterns.

so elegant:

and me pretending to be an uncomplicated and unfussy dresser:
feeling sophisticated because i mixed navy and black! woo.
jacket- vera wang for kohl's
button-up- gap
cords- gap straight leg
boots- steve madden via ebay

sweater- rampage via macys
ruffle neck button-up- ann taylor loft
boyfriend jeans- jcrew
flats- maxxstudio via tj maxx

who is your fashion muse?


sisters4saymoreismore said...

i like Rachael Blsons style and i die for some Rachael Zoe... i love me some Racheals...i can't even spell Rachael!


Rachelle said...

you are adorable. my style is CRAP...haha. but you are just freaking cute!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Ohhhh, that second picture is TOTALLY Carolyn! I love it! Very simple and understated, just like you! hahahaha