Sunday, December 26, 2010

it's not the heat, it's the humidity

*posting tonight on location in waycross, georgia. we spent christmas in waycross, my husband's hometown. normally, christmas here means a 65 degree average, which is absolutely awesome in my opinion. this year was quite the exception with a high today of 38, plus humidity that cuts straight through you. which can kill southerners. you should have seen my husband when we lived in kansas city. every day of winter he was at death's door.  humidity makes all the difference.
anywhoo, i was really cold in these pictures. and it was windy. and that's the weather report from the okefenokee swamp, land of trembing earth.

ps- that's spanish moss hanging from the trees behind me. when my dad visited us whilst we lived in savannah, georgia he couldn't figure out what was all over the trees. it's spooky, ghostly spanish moss. it reaches out and tries to grab your soul. i made that last part up. but it's creepy. especially in summer when it's still hot and sticky and 85 at midnight and then a muggy, sultry breeze blows by your bare ankles and you know that something is wafting out of the trees trying to get you. true story.
ruffled blouse- tjmaxx
sweater- gap
skirt- target
houndstooth tights- wal*mart
heels- jessica simpson


The Suburb Experiment said...

That second picture down is so cute!


The Elegant Bohemian said...

Found your blog through a comment you left on My Edit. Scrolled down the whole first page and loved what I saw so I had to follow! I guess blogs are the only places where following does not mean stalking......or maybe it does sometime! Anyway, looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Cute style and beautiful family! ~Serene

Sarah said...

ooh I love this outfit, the blouse is awesome. ha ha your headband comment made me giggle out loud and I felt like a total dork for getting caught laughing at my computer:)

myedit said...

That blue is wonderful pretty on you (not grammatically correct I know)!
And how awesome is the Spanish Moss?

Hope said...

LOVE this blue on you, it looks so wonderful with your hair. Also I love it with black. I think the point is to basically say what a great shade of blue!

Pam S said...

Love the spooky moss, you make a fabulous story teller!

Nice outfit, I love the collar, so stark against the blue of the top, very nice. :D