Sunday, July 10, 2011

thrifted sister

2 girls born in the 80s
2 dresses born in the 80s
dresses- thrifted
my scarf- gift
heather's belt- target
my shoes- thrifted
heather's shoes- tjmaxx

hurray! my sister heather is in town from las vegas! we look NOTHING alike and yet people still ask if we are twins.
we have this deal that when we visit that we pack very little and wear each other's clothes. it works out great.

ps- one of my pet peeves is engagement photos on playground equipment. not my favorite. i also have issues with piggyback pictures. i have a LOT of issues in general.


Lili said...

How cool that you have a sister who is that close in age (I guess?) and you get along with so well :-D On first glance, you really don't look alike at all, but in the first picture, your facial features kinda give you two away ;-) Very sweet! It seems to be the week of family posts, I just wrote a looong one about my dad ^^ But the pictures are older ;-)

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Julie said...

No, you don't look much alike but still are both beautiful! Especially in those dresses. So. Jealous! :)


U guys look great! Beautiful!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

The face Heather is making in that last picture is CLASSIC Beck! Hahaha - glad y'all are having fun!

Monica Whitney said...

HEIDI! I want that dress! IT is FABULOUS.

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Shana said...

haha I LOVE THESE dresses! You guys are too cute! Umm I live in LASVEGAS!!!! Heidi...if you visit you better be coming to a Thrifters Anonymous meeting...seriously!!! Thank you so much for linking up!!


Ashley said...

I think you look like each other more than you think :)

Marci said... and your kind mom and your hilarious Heather were NC and that is exactly where I am right now! I think you need to come back and bring those two lovely ladies with parents would love it. In fact, your sweet dad came up in conversation last night...he is greatly missed. Tell that Heather girl that I am forever grateful for her genious picture taking skills. Oh, and my engagement picture was a "piggybacker." It was the best in the bunch and I still love it. To each his own.

Laura said...

aww you guys are adorable! You guys make me miss my sisters!

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