Thursday, July 14, 2011

bullet points

*i just ate a bowl of ben and jerry's red velvet cake and late night snack ice cream.
*i witnessed a motorcycle accident this week. it was sickening and horrific. then the guy picked himself up from the middle of the freeway and WALKED to the shoulder. it was about 105 degrees at 5pm as we waited for the ambulance to show up. it was wild. needless to say, i didn't take an outfit picture that day. 
*i think ryan seacrest is slowing but surely morphing into a woman.
*sometimes i online shop and fill my shopping bag with $750 worth of stuff. then i close the window and walk away. i can't decide if it's cathartic or torture.
*i really like the gnocchi soup at olive garden. i went to the OG with a bunch of lovely friends last week to bid my dear friend holly adieu. i'm pretending she's on an extended vacation.
i think we look better in prom dresses, but this is alright too.

on me:
blouse, dress, shoes- all target
belt- fossil


Jess said...

filling the shopping bag...hilarious!

modernmom said...

I fill the online carts too, but my amounts are WAY higher. Hmm... Wonder what that means?!

Peggy said...

You ladies look lovely! Wow, scary day with the moto accident!

Anonymous said...

Great photo of you all looking pretty!

Something IS up with Ryan Seacrest, isn't it?

Paula said...

For some odd reason I have eaten at the Olive Garden more the last few months than I have in the last few years and I too love the gnocchi soup. So yummy.

In Wyoming we saw a motorcycle accident on the Chief Joseph Scenic Hwy. The guardrail is the only thing that kept the rider from going over the edge and dropping hundreds of feet. He was pretty banged up but lucky to be alive. It was super scary so boo for motorcycle accidents.

I really like your friend's white shirt. very cute.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

hahahaha - I love how when Paula DID comment on the clothes in this post it was on your FRIEND'S shirt. hahahaha. That Paula. Girl knows how to give a compliment!

Lisa said...

I am loving your blog....particularly this flower power outfit.
Thanks so much for stopping by my place and commenting. :)