Sunday, July 24, 2011

happy pioneer day!

 pioneer day is the day Mormon pioneers arrived in the valley of the great salt lake in 1847. i would never have survived as a pioneer(buffalo chips for fuel? nast-ay!) but i am thankful for those who sacrificed all to make the trek. and i always wanted to be the days of '47 queen. they need to have a married lady queen pageant somewhere that requires no poise or talent. the only contest would be useless trivia, pop culture and obscure history. i'd own that mother.
t shirt- downeastbasics
scarf- grandmother's
skirt- thrifted
shoes- target*totally on sale now

it was a bit of an inelegant photoshoot today. the trees were against me and the neighbor was watching. and there is no excuse for this weirdness:

but i did make a most excellent dinner, recipe courtesy of ourbestbites. completely delicious and easy pepperoncini beef sammiches. it took all my strength to eat only one. plus i simply had to choke down more of big T's birthday cake.
happy sabbath!


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Alright! You're using that web site. Good for you!

And I don't know why, but you remind me of Wonder Woman in these pictures. With the lovely long, curled locks and the gold shoes (Did WW even wear gold shoes? I think not), but you remind me of Lynda Carter. That is a MAJOR compliment, in case you couldn't tell by my rambling.

Anonymous said...

I love your grandma's scarf, looks so chic! You said sammiches? delish!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

MissRockwell said...

Ohhhh...I have the same shoes and I absolutely love them. They go with EVERYTHING and they were totally on sale for $7.50. They look adorable on you!

Julie said...

Love the scarf!

Elaine said...

YOu haven't updated in a week. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

Also, I love the scarf thing. I must recreate!