Sunday, July 17, 2011

new with tags

why i thrift:
my number one reason for thrifting is finding a good deal.
i love finding something that you won't see anyone else wearing. i'm not partial to purchasing a particular name brand, but it's always fun when you score something that you remember seeing in a store for full price. my local goodwill always has stuff from target that is still new with tags. and you can always count on there being a few items somewhere in the store that someone donated but never wore or never even cut the tags off.
plus, my kids really enjoy the thrift store. it's the one place i don't mind them running around like banshee children. they call goodwill the nastystore, or the junkstore or badwill because they know they will be doused with hand sanitizer upon leaving the store.
today we all wearing wearing some new with tags thrift store items.
scarlett is wearing a dress from target that was full price($17) at our local target just a few weeks ago. i got it for $7.
i'm wearing a blouse from american eagle that still was still crisp from the factory sizing(the starch a factory uses on items). i bought it for $4.25
reagan's shirt was in the same perfect condition and the label says it is from talbot's kids. snazzy and pricey and i paid $2.25 for it.
just a quick wash and everything was ready to wear for the first time. boo ya to thrift store shopping. the trick is just to be open minded and unafraid to search and to hold your nose and breath out your mouth.
blouse- thrifted
skirt- kohl's
shoes- charlotte russe

on an unrelated note, my friend jenny is a do-it-yourself and home decor genius. she just started making how-to videos and posting them to youtube. her website is showmecute.  she it utterly inspiring in anything crafty and she is also my hair icon. i hope she does a clip soon with her hair curled really big and full. that's my favorite way she does it.



Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Alright woman, that web site link is incorrect. Whenever I click on it, it sends to to to register it myself. I tried and that didn't work either...

Jenna said...

Jealous of your NWT finds! I can't plug my nose long enough & I usually run screaming from the thrift store. I will work on this...

The video is cute & clever!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Pretty amazing outfit! You have some serious thrifting skills going on :)


Fashion Fractions

Sarah Grecco said...

OMG! I saw your feature on ColorBlind. You and your family (kids, sister) are so adorable! My husband thinks I am a big DORK for all of my thirft finds....maybe he is just jealous. Haha!

Get Up & Go

Lili said...

Hi :-) I just gave you a blog award! Since you and your blog are just hilariously funny and I love it! :-D

chicfreakcubed said...

Gurrrrlll, you make me laugh out loud. I love the expression on your kids' faces in that photo - priceless. Yup yup to thrifting. Go ON witcho bad self. And your friend? Gorgeous, and she DO have a great do, yes she dooooo. I am SO ripping off her idea for my own Miz Scarlett's room. Thankth for sharing!


Vintage Sparkle said...

I love your little girls dress in the first phtot. Gorgeous!
I buy nearly all my little girls clothes on ebay. I love a bargain. Have been going a bit mad buying her A/W wardrobe this week...