Wednesday, October 04, 2006

veronica mars

i didn't plan on making so many entries about television shows, it just happened. i really do have other interests besides tv. i am just really passionate about the shows that i like. mostly because they are not cookie cutter shows copycatting every episode content from older shows. by far one of the most interesting shows on right now is veronica mars on the cw. it comes on right after the gilmore girls, so that is a big plus right there. the gyst of the show is that veronica is a teen sleuth that solves crimes in her rich southern california town of neptune. she, of course, is not rich and is craftier and sassier than her counterparts, sounds a bit silly, bubt trust me. i am playing with full set of uno cards on this one! the show is sort of nancy drewish, but the characters are quirky, the storylines are creative, there are actual plot twists that you didn't see coming for miles and there are some of the funniest one liners on this show and it's not meant to be a comedy. missing from veronica mars is what you would normally find in a "teen angst drama"; (ie-one tree hill, beverly hills 90210, the oc), high fashion costumes changes, flashy car showcases, and musical montages while characters go on dates and hang out in bikinis. in short, watch this show. you will be entertained.

you get'em veronica!

one last thing, i saw on tv last night that celebs are actually trying to ADD dark roots to their blonde hair. GREAT! i have been in style for years and didn't even know it. i'll take full credit on this one. i am quite the trendsetter.


Zoe said...

hahah nice!

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sincerely, zoe

Emily said...

waht? dark roots? are you serious. show me this article!!

heidiluxe said...

it was on the daily 10. that really annoying asian guy with white blonde hair that smiles showing all of his teeth was demonstrating. i think his name is kim.