Thursday, October 26, 2006

more signs of the apocalypse

i really enjoy most types of music, but lately one genre has really sparked my interest...ADULT CONTEMPORARY! you know, dentist office music. the radio station selection here in fun-gomery is ample with a plethora of country, rock, rap, and pop stations. then why am i so drawn to easy listening stations? i don't drive a mini-van, i don't wear pants up to my neck with an elastic waist, i don't wear overalls or have mom hair like this lady:

so what's the deal? is mainstream "popular" music so bad that my ear taste buds are soured by such delectable hits like lil' scrappy's "money in the bank"? that song is genius. (please note heavy use of sarcasm.) it's not just rap that has sucked since the demise of tupac. what is the deal with all of the whiny voiced punk bands? they are catchy and fun for the first 700 listens, then they are just grating on the ears like knives slipping on fine china(or if you have children, the sound of winnie the pooh's singing voice on his shaper sorter car). please, no more green day's american idiot album. it's just insulting really. and i don't even need to mention jessica simpson, fergie, nelly furtado(promiscuous girl? you might as well be singing "gonnorhea, i am unclean") blah to all of that. please britney jean, summon all that you had on such brilliance as "lucky" and "hit me baby one more time" and resusicitate pop music.(should there be sarcasm here?)
so back to my point, last week when i was cruising montgomery with a baby and a huge carseat with a sippy cup in hand and goldfish crackers stuck to his shirt(face, neck roll, seat belt, upholstery), what was i singing along to? "briiiing me a higher love! WOO OHH." what is that, steve winwood circa 1987?
also, can i admit on this personal forum of views that i really like lionel richies new love song? i'm not sure of the name, but the chorus is something like this, "he calls it, she calls it, they call it loooove." i get excited when i hear it! phil collins too! sususudio.




i am really hoping that blue october(save me tonight), the killers and other excellent bands of that genre can rescue me from this lite easy sounds of the 80's, 90's and today slump that i am in.


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Hey, that's a catchy little ditty: "Gonorrhea, I am unclean". I like it!

Good point though, although I am totally guilty of listening to easy listening. Especially w/Everett in the car. (Everett's just my scapegoat since I listen to it even when he's NOT in the car!) I do try to keep up though. I like The Fray and KT Tunstall - don't they count as "in"?

Valoree said...

Thanks, now I've got that song stuck in my head and I'll be singing it all day. "Bring me a higher love" :)
I agree with the trash that's out there though. It's very aggravating.

Paula said...


That was too funny. I totally agree with you though. I can hardly find anything I like on the radio nowadays so I am currently listening to the Wicked soundtrack. Now if listening to show tunes in the car doesn't make you kinda dorky, I don't know what will.

Jessica said...

hey, i'll own up. i listen to Kozy 106.5 about 80% of the time i'm in the car. i've gone too soft for a lot of the other stations. mostly because the more i listen to actual lyrics of poplular songs these days, the more apalled i am at what they're singing about. oh well. i guess i'm turning into a mom.