Thursday, October 19, 2006

jeffrey sebelia, the anti-christ

run for cover kiddies, the end of the world is near. jeffrey sebelia, the 36 year-old cry baby rock star wannabe won project runway. yuck. poop and pee mixed together. his pants are so tight that i do not know how it was possible for him to father a child. and he had this perpetual dirtiness to him. the neck tatto, the greasy, greasy unwashed hair, the pale pastiness of his skin. to his credit, i do think that he showed a good collection. as the judges said, there was a lot of continuity among the pieces and it was quite interesting. upon further review, i thought that some of the pieces looked EXQUISITELY well made, while others looked like squirrels with seam rippers got to them: unfinished hems, skiwampos lines, bulging. my final verdict, more items than not were made by someone other than jeffrey. don't believe me? check out the impressively intricate seams and hems on this outfit:
look closer here

jeffrey's worst piece. i don't even know how to begin to describe it. fishing nets over a flannel blanket? is that round piece supposed to be a bullseye so we know where to shoot her?

a breath of fresh air for her; a rich, deep, glitzy nighttime breath. still very "laura", but interesting. a few risks but mostly beautifully made stuff. if it works, stick with it.

i wish i could have found a back shot of this dress. loved how the belt went over the low back. yummy! and the two colors together were a great contrast. they both looked like more vibrant colors while they are both really just glorified neutrals.

bienvenidos a miami!!! her best stuff ever. i was sort of tired of here long flowy halter neck dresses. but, like laura, it is her best stuff. i really wanted her to win, especially since i was so surprised at some of the things that she threw out there. consistent were her "easy", loose, flowy, fabrics, but new were her cleaner lines on some pieces and more solids that i ever though possible for her.

my absolute fave!!! i audibly gasped when she came down the runway. and then the sarong was removed!!! it looked like a miami cocktail dress! and then a swimsuit and sarong??? working double duty has never been more appealing! lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove!!!

my analysis: he is great and wonderful, but he needs to just go with it and not try too hard. that is the feeling i got from most of the collection. i was thinking a little too ghetto fab for fashion week. but, someone like mary j. blige would look HOTHOTHOT in his stuff. i can see him working for sean john. too bad this collection was a little too j.lo.

michael's best one. it looks effortless, but intricate. i want to wear this. at closer look, this is linen, satan's fabric. but it is cut so well, that is flows like silk sans all the wrinkliness of linen.


MichaelKnightFan said...

I could not agree with you more. Im my opinion, if Project Runway was based on fashion week then Uli should have won. I loved every piece in her collection. Although Michael was my all time favorite, I was less than pleased with his collection, but I am convinced that he will go far in the fashion industry.. As far as Jeffrey is concerned, BLAH! I hated him all season. If this is what fashion is coming to then I guess my style is out dated.. I have to find Uli. Gotta get a couple of those dresses.. LOL

Jessica said...

i wish we got project runway on our cable station! i think i would love it!

on a completely random side note. i'm assuming you watch stuff on E! from time to time. i've never watched "house of carters," but based on the previews i've seen of it, that family looks like a train wreck and it needs to be discussed!

thomasheidisimpson said...

i have heard from a few sources that house of carters IS an utter train wreck. all the clips i have seen look great. i have yet to watch a full episode, but i am SURE there will be a marathon at the end of the season! can't wait.
a thought: is reality tv becoming the medium for has-beens to make comebacks? ie- the surreal life, dancing with the stars, celebrity duets, stars on ice...