Monday, October 23, 2006

i am interested in purchasing a certain pair of shoes. perhaps you have seen them before. they have been seen on many celebs already this year. they are tall wooden platform shoes with black leather and an ankle tie. definitely a fun shoe for a fun mom. of course, i am not going to pay the $700+ for the "chloe"version, so i am looking for a good knockoff. i went to my trusty friend ebay and i saw that the actual "chloe" runway picture was used on the description. excitedly i clicked on the listing. i scrolled down the ad and i read the info, only $10!? it was too good to be true. could a knockoff really look that close to the original and be SO cheap? well, i got the cheap part right.

this is the runway picture used on the ebay listing!!! so delicious!

this is the crap they are peddling to unsuspecting ebayers under the guise of something else.

and these are the best deal i can find so far, and they are still $70. and they are jessica simpson, which i normally have issues with. desperate times mean desperate measures.

and these are some of the most hidieous shoes i have ever seen. please take them out to pasture and put them out of their misery.


Emily said...

The first "real" image is SEXY!!! too bad there is no such thing as a believable knock--off

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

My balance, which was never that great to begin with, has gotten even worse since I had Everett. Those shoes are cute, but if I ever wore them I'd seriously break both my ankles, be laying on the ground reaching my arms up for help (all the while cursing fashion and my attempts to keep with the times), meanwhile Everett would drool on my pants, climb over my legs and crawl off into the sunset leaving me to lament, yet again, my darn clumsiness. Uh, thanks, but no thanks.

(They WOULD look rather stunning on you though! :-)

Rachel Connett said...

You are a better woman than me, I would never make it in those dang sexy shoes.