Friday, October 13, 2006

i talk good!

*you will probably think that i am a grammar jerk after reading this. please forgive me.
recently i've noticed that there are more than a few grammatical errors that drive me nuts.
for example:
questioner: "how are you?"
respondent: "i'm good."
NO. it is not possible for a person to be "good." you can be good at something, or have good qualities, but the state of being is either fine or well. am i guilty of this? yes, sometimes. but i am working on it.
gripe number 2:
"i have 3 brother-in-laws."
NO. you have 3 brotherS-in-law,(also, BookS of Mormon). this is tricky. this one had to be pointed out to me and i, of course, had to act like i didn't care. am i guilty of this? not anymore.
gripe number 3:
NO. where is this "missourah" you speak of? the only thing i see on the map is missourI!
gripe number 4:
"what is the heighth of that table?"
NO! there is no TH in height!
gripe number 5:
i think pronouncing strength as strenth is more of a southern dialect rather than an error. full points for you if you saw strenth.
gripe number 6:
" did you read the latest issue of the en-sin?"
the name of the magazine for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Ensign, pronounced N-ZYne. now you know. and ensign (en-sin) is a military rank. when i was little i thought it was pronounced en-sig-nah.

Note: by request, thomas edited this post. though i may be a grammar jerk, i am yet imperfect and must refer to the grammar nazi for editing help.


Valoree said...

Richard hates the height one! I have several I could add to the list but I think we all could. And yes, I am guilty of some of those. Thanks for bringing them to my attention :)

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Brother-in-laws and Book of Mormons are two of my pet peeves too!!!

I also have "supposively". The word is supposedly. There's no V people!