Tuesday, October 10, 2006

five letter word meaning exuberant, brilliant and classy

i have never been a cross word puzzler. for a long time i hated them. then one day i started doing the word jumble in the newspaper. just for kicks when i had a few minutes here and there. it made me feel smarter. then i noticed that while i was taking "thinking breaks" from the word jumble i was actually able to fill in some of the letters on the crossword. the task cleared my mind and helped me think of new letter combinations for the jumble. the crossword soon became a package deal with the jumble. i would get a little upset when we didn't get a newspaper and i couldn't check my answers. (i'm a little obsessive about silly games. anyone remember the computer solitaire episode
from sophomore year of college?) now i don't even attempt the word jumble. i just jump right into the crossword as soon as i can. i take the paper with me all sorts of random places. today it was in the bathroom with me while i was doing a 3 minute deep conditioning treatment on my hair. a few times i have come REALLY close, thisclose, to completing a puzzle. once i was only one really obscure word off. but today, ring the bells, sound the alarms, throw the confetti, i completed the puzzle. of course, this isn't the new york times puzzle. i'm not that crazy yet(and i really don't have time right now to be doing any puzzle, but i squeeze it in). this is only the montgomery advertiser crossword. still an accomplishment in itself! woo hoo for me!

the completed puzzle. to be kept for years to come.
*notice the untouched word jumble on the left hand side. it bet it is lonely.

finally, isn't puzzle a fun word to say? puzzzle. Puh-zzzzle. sounds like a small indoor pets name. or something to put on a t-shirt.


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

What's a three-letter word for I am way super impressed? W-O-W, wow!

I have never, not once in my entire life, completed a crossword all by myself. I've been a helper for others, but I always come up short when I try them on my own. You've inspired me to start breaking more of a mental sweat, in additional to that one at the YMCA.

Valoree said...

Heidi, you have to be one of the funniest, quirkiest people I've ever known. This little blog is so funny. I ran up on it yesterday by accident and I have spent the last 45 min at work reading all the past post. Yeah, real productive I know. Anyway...they are so funny and I can so relate to so many of them. Keep it up!

Paula said...


what did you decide about your hair? I am getting mine cut next week and I am wanting a change. I just don't know what change quite yet.