Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what up with that?

is levi johnston the new spencer pratt? i caught this picture of levi johnston attending the teen choice awards and i just can't get over the fact that he was actually invited...ANYWHERE!

and levi johnston also plans to run for mayor of wasilla, alaska as part of a new reality show. oh the humanity! does anyone else feel like stocking up on non-perishables and hiding out in a bunker to wait out the storm?
but it does beg a more important question? who is less palatable, spencer or levi? thoughts? reasoning?


Sarah Gessel said...

Levi at least tries a little to make people like him. Spencer is rude to everyone including his wife, his family and her family. If your own family can't hang out with you, you know there's a problem. I guess Levi and Spencer are both rude to parents of girls they are dating. Spencer also seems super controlling of Heidi and that bugs.
Spencer and Levi are both jerks. The end.

HJolley said...

I was thinking about Levi a lot yesterday because of all the news out there about him. I was really mad.
First I was mad because he is just despicable. One of those famous people who is famous for being a giant, hairy turd.
Second, I was mad that some people like him.
Third, I was mad at myself for even thinking about him, in a small way, allowing his fame to spread.
I don't know much about Spencer, but I do know that I don't enjoy reality tv and most anyone associated with it.
I know i'm a negative nelly today, but bleah. levi. bleah.

Nicole said...

Levi running for Mayor is ridiculous, it's not like he's going to win. And if he does, I feel sorry for that town. And Spencer is so obnoxious that I don't think there is anyone I loathe more on this planet.

MissRochelle said...

Oh but Heidi, a reality show is the kiss of death for fame seekers like Levi and Spencer. They create their own demise on TV for all of us to enjoy. I love it. After doing reality TV they can't go back to a 'normal' life, and end up broke and totally unhappy for the rest of their sad existence. The same thing will happen to the Jersey Shore people... Thats why I love reality TV. Love it. Doing reality TV ensures your life will suck after the lights go out.