Thursday, August 12, 2010

modern family

thomas and i both ALL CAPS LOVE this show. i've laughed until i've cried. i love the family dynamic and the subtle and not so subtle humor. we both watched a rerun last night and we both laughed so much it was like watching it for the first time. the character phil totally reminds me of thomas like you would not believe. even the kid characters, whom i usually find terribly annoying a la michelle tanner from full house, are actually really hilarious too! in short, if you have a family, came from a family, wanted to run away from your family, or wondered if your family is as weird as everyone else's, this show is for you.

other show highlights:

the decor in all 3 main set houses. love it.

great scott! christopher lloyd is one of the creators.

about a gabillion(14) emmy nominations.

you can watch full episodes online at

season 2 premiere september 22, check your local listings.


Leah said...

this is my favorite comedy on tv too! i can't wait till the new fall season begins!

Melissa said...

Scott and I also ALL CAPS LOVE this show!!! I thought I would never laugh again after Arrested Development ended back in 06. Modern Family has brought back my hope!

Salt H2O said...

Love Modern Family, but strangely also really like the often looked over "The Middle" maybe because the main character Axil reminds me of my nephew or because it has the janitor from Scrubs- I strong like The Middle- love Modern Family, both of which gave me a reason to like wednesday nights.

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