Friday, August 06, 2010

new house, old tricks

our first sunday in our new ward in south carolina. same old song and dance. i wasn't feeling especially creative. i just really love this skirt. i tried to spice up the look by tying a knot in my shirt. genius, i know.

whenever thomas is around, i feel like i need to actually try and look energetic in my photos since all i have to do is stand there instead of positioning the camera and running and posing in order to beat the self-timer. my life is so hard.
an outfit from monday? or maybe tuesday? it's all a blur. i do know that the kids got registered for school and really, that's what matters. that they will be occupied by licensed professionals and perhaps that will undo some of the havoc i've wreaked on them.
while i do like this look, i was really uncomfortable for most of the day. it is still way too hot for pants. which is funny, because all sorts of people in alabama told us to enjoy the cooler weather when we move to south carolina. seriously? check out a map, it's not like we moved to minnesota.

and today. blurry. that's how humidity makes pictures look. i swear it's not my mediocre camera skillz. (ps- i know i wear this skirt ALL THE TIME. you've noticed it, i've noticed it. i physically cannot put on shorts or pants without breaking into a sweat. and i stink bad enough without sweating.)

it's amazing what a new pair of shoes can do for my outlook on life. i picked these lovelies up for $20 at tjmaxx. i've been pretty annoyed at my closet lately for not being filled with designer clothes. it's not my fault that i live a target kind of life. i figured they are a perfect-summer-to-fall-in-the-south-transition-shoe. plus, i felt like my whole closet was reinvigorated but just updating my shoes. shoes, like viagara for your soul.

and finally, because the heat has gotten to my brain. do you ever notice that some other fashion bloggers take a lot of pictures contorted into weird positions? this is me making fun of them.

have a weird weekend. i know i will.


Carie said...

Love love love the jcrew skirt.

The shoes are great too.

Happy that you are all moved. (but wish it was a tad bit closer.)

Alisha said...

Too bad you are still melting...just so know we are too! FYI...I knew SC was hot and in fact in can get even more hot than good old Alabama...gotta love the humidity!

Elaine said...

Love the denim floral combo!

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