Friday, August 06, 2010

knocked out, turn me inside out

i found this skirt today at target on sale for $15. it's very similar to some of the pencil skirts that i have been loveloveloving at ann taylor loft lately. i've searched for the real deal holyfield for weeks now but they are all sold out in my size at my local retailers. thankfully target knocked-off the look of at a fraction of the cost. sure, the material feels cheaper than the loft skirt, but it is actually fully lined, which i don't expect from target. the fact that it has side pockets is usually a dealbreaker for me, but i plan on keeping them sewed shut and cutting out the interior pockets. we hippy girls can't be taking any chances with extra material on our moneymakers. i can't wait to wear it and style it. and feed it and love it.

a closey of the print. def more chocolately brown than this picture indicates.

it's like if these two more expensive skirts from loft got together and had a baby from the wrong side of the tracks. i'll take it anyday.


Emily said...

Hey, doll! The skirts at the Loft are on SALE. (I was just there yesterday...)

heidiluxe said...

hey doll, i know! they just don't have my size anymore. i had the chance to get one a few weeks ago for $35 and i blew it.